Sunday, May 22, 2011

Woot woot :D

Two years ago i started the couch to 5 k program.
I remember it being verrrry hard for me! I remember pushing forward thinking my 1 minute jog would never end but being so proud of myself when i actually did it.
I logged it over the next few blogs after that week 1 if you're interested.
I went back and looked through them - i had totally forgot i had been giving myself a present at the end of every successful week lol! i dont think i'll do that this time because i am BROKE lol!
Anyhow, i had managed to get through the program and ran 3 times 30 mminutes every week for a while but then started my stupid crapp-o computerisation of medical files job and got out of the rythm.
then DH ran a 10k in november of 2009 and i decided to up the rythm to train for the next year's 10k. Bad idea... i provoked a bad inflammation of the plantar fascii and limped for months afterward :P.

Well, my feet are better now and i had decided to redo the program as a gift to myself when i hit the -5% mark in weight watchers. but i just cant seem to get there!!! and i'm anxious to start so ... i started ;D

It went so much better than the first time even though i'm no lighter and 2 years older and a bad foot problem in. i think it has to do with the mindset. I did it once, so i knew i could do it again.
I loaded up my ipod so i would have one upbeat jogging session song then one calmer recovery session song.
For week 1, it should be 60 seconds jogging 90 seconds fast paced walking back and forth for a total of 20 minutes. it's hard to find 60 second songs so i actually did 120 seconds jog and 120 seconds walk back and forth.
Here's my playlist for week 1 :
secret place from dakini lounge album for warm up
jolly roger by adam and the ants = jog 1
in the devil's snare from harry potter sound track = recovery 1
deee-lite theme from world click album = jog 2
prologue from harry potter sound track = recovery 2
london bridge by fergie = jog 3 (this one was almost 4 minutes 8^0)
intro from destiny's child the writing's on the wall = recovery 3
my humps by the black eyed peas = jog 4
why dont you do right? by sinead oconnor = recovery 4
deee-lite theme again = jog 5
dance of kali from dance of shakti album for cool down.

I will redo on tuesday morning if i can get my butt up early ; )
now off to make lunch :P

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