Monday, November 23, 2009

He's at it again

And so am I hehehehe
There i go bragging on DH again. Course with all the hubbie bashiing ive done before, i can brag now, right? :)
Christophe ran his first 10 k race yesterday. His goal was 40 minutes. He ran it in 38 min 44 seconds. That is pretty darn good for an amature! And he was very motivated as he had a pretty brunette in one of the runing setups that looks like a two piece bathing suit leading him. She was very nice and they chatted (or let me say, she chatted while he gasped) while they did the race. She was actually right behind him almost the whole way. It's a sweet spot type thing, where the one in front kind of protects the one behind from winds or something like that. So he had good company while she had good help. Then toward the end, DH had about had it and there was a hill ahead (up not down!) and she saw him weakening so she got in front and kept motivating him - you can do it! come on we're gonna finish this together now, we're almost there! He said, uh, no, cant keep up this rythm, you go on. So she did and i think her tight runner's butt in a bathing suit swaying in front of him is what got him up the hill! LOL! He lost sight of her once she got up the hill. Anyhow, he made it in. He was 30th out of 300! Again, pretty good for first time right? And then he finds out that this lady (who was the first lady across the finish line) was a european champion of the 10 K when she was younger. She was selected for the French track team and she held the French record in 1992 for 10K at I think 32 minutes. She is now 45 so of course isnt running 32 minute 10 K's anymore but she did finish at 38 minutes 2 seconds. Still pretty good huh?! Her record by the way is still the French women's record. Christophe says that he feels it was a real honor to run with her. What a change - admiring someone else, especially a woman! Can you believe it?
I'm very proud of him for many reasons in this whole endeavor!
And I'm proud of myself too. I decided I'm going to do it next year! So today I went for a jog myself on a ten K and I did it! Of course it took me 1 hour 18 minutes which is more time than the last one across the finish line yesterday but that's ok. I did it!
The kids and I made him a good luck poster for before and a way to go poster for after and i made his fav cookies for desert :D He was so happy :D


caracolina said...

WTG Mr. Becca! And next time he might be looking at your rear end in front of him ...^_^

ChelleC said...

That is wonderful Rebecca. You MUST be proud of him, and bravo for you already starting your own preparation for your future run. You really had me cracking up over him being led over the hill by watching her butt. Ha!

Anonymous said...

you go christophe! meme