Saturday, February 2, 2013

Every tiny step forward is a little closer to my desired life

  • Make a list of 10-15 reasons you love your husband that begin with “You are wonderful because” or “I love you because.” If you’re really industrious make a list of 50 reasons.
  • Warm up a towel in the dryer and greet him when he comes out of the shower. Wrap him with the towel and hand him a cup of steaming coffee.
  • Surprise him by joining him in the shower.
Dont want to do any ofthese.
His ego is so large he can barely fit his head through the door.  Sprouting off ten reasons why "you are so wonderful" would only be overkill!  And he only looks for fault in me.  Whereas i often offer verbal appreciation up.
He doesnt drink coffee or tea and would be annoyed i ran the dryer and wasted electricity just to warm up  a stupid towel lol.
And our shower isnt really fit for two.  Besides i dont car for him to see me these days for obvious reasons.

But maybe doing the first one is a good idea.  Maybe it's just because it seems so hurtful to me to do this that i should.  I'm going to think on this throught the day.  I have til about 4 as he's at work.

I'll let you guys know what i chose and how that went.

As for yesterday's challenge, i ended up only sending the chocolate in the heart shaped box as i was kind of running out the door and didnt get over to the ecard site.
He was very touched and excited to have a yummy dessert :)
He sent me a text right away to tell me thank you.  I imagine the smile it brought to his face and it makes me smile :)

Did any of you guys try something out yesterday?

As for my healthy body healthy mind healthy soul life goals, i'm doing well with my eat to live plan though my weight loss went back up a tiny bit and then back down but juuuust barely so basically i've evend out over the past 4 days.  I think the problem is multi-fold : 1. i lost so much so quickly it had to slow down. 2. I started eating more beans and things and less veggies as my body was really calling for it.  The base is vegetable and fruit and the accents are beans and grains and i kind of switched their roles over the past few days. I will make sure i eat a salad FIRST and leave room for a fruit AFTER and use the beans and grains as flavor accents as intended.
I'm still taking my back flowers.  I think they help a lot.
I'm doing well with my stress levels these days but i must say ive been off work a lot lately because of vacation and then because of the way my schedule falls.
February fly lady challenge is decluttering 15 minuetes per day.  I took advantage of this last feb and made a huge dent in my decluttering.  And i buy less crap that i know will become clutter because of seeing all the JUNK i was tossing and all the unused unloved lotions perfumes hair products etc... i wasted money on that was cluttering up my physical space and making my mental space uneasy.  So i'm looking forward to attacking other areas, but am thinking i might run out of declutterability before the end of february.  We'll see :D !

Happy february to all of you :D !


Tini said...

you can make the list for yourself and remind you that way, what you like about him. No reason to show him the list.

Rebecca said...

i misread your comment at first thinking you meant to make the list to / for myself in that i say i love myself because. that's actually a good idea! im going to do that anyow cause i think i need it. :D
that was a great suggestion (i mean the one you intended, not the one i thought). i have however already made up the cards and put them on his pillow. i did not however tell him i loved him because he's a superhero on his bike or because he's so fit -he doesnt need to hear that ;)