Sunday, February 3, 2013

Day 3 challenge, Dealing with eat to live cravings

Today's challenge

  • Make a list of 10-15 reasons you appreciate your husband and send it to him in an e-mail or tape it on the steering wheel of his car. 
  • ​Write your husband a Thank You note, thanking him for something he did for you. It could be as simple as thanking him for working hard for your family, cutting the grass, keeping up with the car insurance.
  • Fill one helium balloon for each year you’ve been married. Attach a love note to the streamer of each balloon. Place the balloons over your bed so that when he comes into the room, he sees the cloud of balloons with love notes hovering from the ceiling. 
Well, i think this one is too close to yesterday's.  Which btw DH really appreciated.  He thought i was being sarcastic!  I had to assure him i wasnt.  I asked if his mom used sarcasm with him a lot and he said he doesnt know.  I dont tend too.  I can be sarcastic but when a behavior bothers me i dont do the passive aggressive thing.  Hell, no! I call his butt out on it!

Anyhow it was a hit.  He feels loved and has noticed im doing special things these days lol

Today, since all the challenges seemed to close to what i chose yesterday, i pulled my inspiration from yesterday's challenge;  The shower is too small for the two of us, but i was able to stand in the entry of the shower and give him a back scrub with an exfoliator.  He asked if it was because it's his birthday to which i replied"it's not your bday" .  It's tomorrow lol.  Wondering what tomorrow's challenge will be!

How's it going for you?  Any of you decided to jump in on the fun yet?

I saw hot chocolates all over the place on facebook as it has been snowing and cold in nashville.  I was feeling hungry and seeing those had me all upset and crave-y.  i know i just made that word up.  Bear with me.
Anyhow, i started pulling up vegan treat recipes.  But they all seem difficult to realize and time consuming and leave me wondering if they'd be good. 
So i went and had a looong bath - exfoliated, shaved, did a hair and face mask, filed and buffed my nails while waiting for the masks to set.  Had a big ol' time lol.  Alas, when i got out i still wanted some hot chocolate so i googled vegan hot choc.  Basically use a milk sub instead of milk and there you go.  So i used this recipe and went for it (sans whip cream type thing on top).  This recipe looks wonderful but i didnt feel like waiting 30 minutes for coconut milk to do it's thing in the freezer or like getting out the beaters and all the tralala.  But i will one day and will let you know how i like this one.
Anyhow, like i said i used the vegan salted mexican recipe for inspiration.  Soy milk, 100% pure dark cocoa bar i got from england a while back (used last piece - have to see if i can order on line...fingers crossed), 1 packet vanilla sugar, ceylan cinnamon, cayenne pepper, salt and beat beat beat. 
It was surprisingly pretty darn good!  really hit the choco craving spot though i must say the creaminess was lacking.  not bad though all in all.
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