Sunday, March 6, 2011

Episode 1 - Just do it!

I have been wanting to do a podcast for quite some time and well, I finally just did it! I'm nervous about how it will be received but, if it gets really negative reviews ... it will just pod-fade - no biggie!

Here is a direct link to listen to the show

So here are the shownotes for this episode :
On the needles -
Tempest by Ann Weaver, a free pattern from Knitty
made with rapture
from squoosh fiber arts that i ordered from eat.sleep.knit
Vellamo by
Taina Anttila made with knit picks' stroll tweed and essential kettle died yarns in masala tweed and gold.
Patches baby sweater
made out of knitfitknitting's calypso 100% superwash merino in the colorway peace and love.

On my wheel - some merino tenecel from

I mention the liverpool top and a figure 8 cast-on tutorial

I hope you enjoy this first episode and would love to hear from you!


mon bouton said...

hi !

I've discovered your podscast on the Knitmore Girl's page on Ravelry. As soon as I get back home from work, I will download your first episode. It must be very exciting to start a new podcast :)
by the way I'm also monbouton on Ravelry

Rebecca said...

thank you! i hope you like it. it is very exciting but i'm also so nervous (noone will listen, if they do they wont like it, yaddayadda...)
i'd love to hear what you think of it

Jersey Shore Deb said...

HI, really enjoyed your first episode! However, I can't subscribe on iTUnes. Is it available there? I am JerseyShoreDeb on Ravelry if you want to let me know.
Good luck!

Rebecca said...

thanks deb
i just got an email today from itunes letting me know they have approved the podcast so it is now on itunes. they said you should be able to find it with a search in the next few days
i'll pm you on rav to let you know too

Vicki Suan said...

Hi Rebecca! I came across your podcast on the Knitting Podcast website and congrats on your first episode. You have a good voice for audio and I love hearing about France (never been there). Are there a lot of yarn stores there and what kinds of yarns do they carry? I would love to see pics of your projects esp the Tempest cardi. Speaking of audio, the volume sometimes fades then suddenly gets louder, maybe when you get closer or farther from the mic? Looking forward to the second one. Vicki (suanknits on Ravelry).

DevotedDiva said...

You did a great job on your first podcast! I've been considering doing a podcast for some time now, so kudos to you for workin' up the nerve to put yourself out there. I was captivated throughout the whole show and I'm looking forward to many more!

Picture of France and pictures of the tempest cardi, please?!

You can find me on Ravelry - knittingnlalaland < works for plurk too.

Ciao for now!

Sue said...

Congratulations on your first episode. I found you via the knitting podcast list and I too love listening to The Knitmores. I have to say I really enjoyed your first episode and you spoke really well. I think it helps when you have a nice voice to listen too as well. Looking forward to episode 2.

Rebecca said...

Welcome Vicki!
I'm glad you liked it. Thank you so much for taking th etime to leave some input. I think you hit the nail right on the head - i'm probably moving close to and away from the microphone while recording - i'll try to watch out for that in the future. thank you for not holding it against me and realizing that this too is a WIP ;)!
I also love the suggestion about talking about the LYS here in france - i'll talk about my lys's in the next episode.
you can see my WIPS on my project page but just be forewarned : i'm a very poor photographer ;)

Rebecca said...

Hi devoteddiva! Thank you :D
You know, i hemmed and hawwed for i guess about two years over this podcast -jsut do it! what's the worst that can happen? and when you do, let me know so i can go listen!
The pics on the work in progress group in ravelry (which i'd love if you join) is from the walk i mentioned in the podcast.

Rebecca said...

thank you so much Sue! are you on ravelry? what's your rav name?

Anonymous said...

Hi, I am excited about your new podcast. I can't find it in itunes. Can you give me the RSS feed to that I can subscribe manually.

Rebecca said...

hi jen. i dont know the rss feed off the top of my head. and i cant look it up right this sec cause i'm at work andit wont let me go to itunes. i will get that for you asap.