Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Going on a picnic with Carole

Carole's Ten on Tuesday topic for today is 10 Things You Would Bring on a Picnic
You mean like that romantic idea of a french picnic in the midst of a field laying on a blanket with a bottle of wine and cheese and baguette in a wicker basket?  None of that for Mr MaynĂ© thank you very much.

  1. water water and more water (because the picnics my family usually do include slave-driven hikes - my dh is the slave driver)
  2. trail mix (see above)
  3. chips - cant have a picninc without chips
  4. cookies or brownies cut into small squares - much needed energy for our picnics
  5. sandwiches for everyone - what an ordeal!  has to be sliced sausage or patĂ© with lettuce and tomato on a baguette for DH, cured ham and butter on baguette for alex, regular ham and mayo on baguette for remi, and lettuce, tomato, mayonnaise, salt, pepper and ham on soft american type sandwich bread for me. 
  6. fruit or "drinkable" compote
  7. fruit juice boxes for kids
  8. carrot sticks
  9. water bowl for doggies
  10. dog food for doggies
And with all that in our backpacks, you can really feel sorry for me and my poor kids as dh drags us out on our "picnic", that's about a 3 hour walk away from the house then back again ;P
Wonderful memories i wouldnt change for anything once mine and remi's hypoglycemic meanie tendancies are in check ;)
Lest you think i dont enjoy those hikes, here are a few pics from a couple of our hikes
a hiking/camping trip in the pyrenees
an improptu hike near marseille
ravelry 061
ravelry 060


Patty said...

Funny! My DH is a slave driver too! But I wouldn't change a thing ;-)

17th stitch said...

You're making me appreciate my DH's "walk 10 minutes, eat for an hour" type of picnic...

Leslie said...

toooooooo much wok for a picnic! :)

Leslie said...

WORK oh my

Rebecca said...

leslie, that's what i'm sayin' lol! ;)
17th stitch ...oh so jealous :/ ;)
glad to know i'm not alone in my "misery" patty lol

Rebecca said...

patty, glad to know i'm not alone ;)