Monday, May 20, 2013

What Katie Did

I'm so excited.  I've been wanting to get a few things from What Katie Did for about a year now, but never have because of price, fitting issues, worry about comfort, worry i'd be disappointed with the effect.
I recently bought a very high-waisted pencil skirt.  It's lovely but i have rolls and bumps wher i used to not and even though dh thinks it looks fine on me ( a rarity 8^O) i dont.  i'm too self-conscious to wear it.  You really can see every bump and lump.  So i tried on a pair of shaping shorts at the dept store and the waist band of the shapers hit a little below my natural waist.  So whereas it smoothed out my thighs and hips, it left a very visible mark at my waist. 
I looked online for high wiasted ones, and well, they're just all so ugly :/
So i finaly decided to go for it.  That said there wasnt really anything on the WKD site that would take care of my thighs, more like all to take care of waist.
i hemmed and hawed and finally went for the merry widow in spite of my misgivings concerning my hard to fit bust.
I was so impatient to receive it!!!
And when it came...!!!!woot!!!!!
i saw a hot pink package and knew it was from them :DSans titre
and check out the pretty black tissue paper.Sans titre
and here's the pretty little number itself.Sans titre

Well, i didnt keep it because the bust...ddint fit.  it figures. And even if it did fit, i wouldnt have kept it because it gives a bust shape that there is no way i would feel comfortable with.  It's not a bullet bra according to the description on the site, but it comes darn near close to it! 8^O
I think bullet bra shapes are fine if you dont have big boobs, but if you do, good lord!  it's like if i turn a corner...what's that?  oh it's becca's boobs.
they stood out like ten feet in front of me!  well, on the other hand i guess that can speak for the mega control it has going right?

So why am i writing about something i didnt keep?
Well, the customer service is AWESOME!  Irreproachable! Professional, friendly, helpful.  She even tolerated my use of the word butt, even adopting it though i'm quite sure she usually says bum.  She didnt even snicker when i used the word hose insteead of stockings.  Though she couldnt quite bring herself to say hose lol.  They have a very generous return policy because they realize how hard it is to find a good fit.
The Merry Widow itself, other than the bust thing, was beautiful, surprisingly extremely comfortable, i'd say comforting even, making you feel all hugged in!, and very good at doing its job! i loved it!  i loved the line it gave me and i love how it made me feel in it :D
So I have returned the MW to be replaced by the  glamour waist cincher  which, when paired with a pair of shaper shorts i did end up purchasing after all at  half off at a going out of business sale, should take care not only of all the lower body lumps and bumps but also that horrible bulge i have right under the bra strap.
I have to pay the return fees but not the shipping back out.  I think this is a very fair policy.
I cannot wait to receive it :D
I hope i love the fit of this as much as i did the fit of the MW.
In fact, i might love it more.  The MW had boning down the sides and that boning being a little elasticy, if i pushed on it with my fingers, it hugged into my waist and when i let go of it, it slightly sprang back out.  According to the customer service rep, the waist cincher has boning on front and back but not on sides, so it shouldnt do that.
I'll be sure to let you know :D
I'll hold off wearing my pencil skirt until then lol.

So i have a question for you, since the waist cincher and MW both have garter straps, you kind of have to wear hose with them or it will ride up according to WKD.  What's the deal on wearing hose in the spring?  and the summer?
i've never worn hose in spring or summer because i've always lived in the south and good lord i cant imagine the sweat!  any of you have any opinions on hose etiquette? is it like no white shoes after labor day? (or is it memorial day?) or can you wear hose all the year round?
i mean, i guess back before the bra burning days women, even in the south, wore hose all year round, right?

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