Wednesday, March 2, 2011


I finally got my stupid camera charger! It took a month to get here ... grrr!!!
So I immediately started snapping pictures knits ! lol!
And it got here just in time - i thought i was going to have to post another WIP Wednesday sans photos!
I'm still working on my tony the tiger sweater; i just bound off the left front :D So now right front, sleeves, and button band to go.


I finished the blue socks I mentioned last week

And started another pair right away ;) The new pair is a beautiful rust with tweedy bits striped with a solid gold. There are two bands of color work on the socks too. I'll post more about theses (pattern, yarn, progress, pics) next week.

I also started a baby sweater for a friend who i just found out is pregnant. Just now...she's due in June! thanks for the heads' up :P. But the sweater has had a little mishap. Well, not really the sweater, but the needles. I broke them :/ So it got put on hold after barely getting started. :P More on that one later too, once it gets back off the ground.

The kids are out of school for 2 weeks. this week I'm off and keeping them while DH works, next week, I'm working while DH keeps them - they're going skiing in the mountains.
Today, they had friends over and they got to decorate cookies. The recipe I used was really good - often cut out cookies are bland and play-doughey but these were not. They tasted great and using thses tips, they turned out perfect! Easy to cut out even for the kids. And the icing recipe...oh!yum! i might have eaten...a lot.
the kids had fun though RĂ©mi started acting like a total retard and got kind of out of hand which was a little tiring after spending all that time in the kitchen doing the prep work (dough, rolling dough, refrigerating dough, cleaning up the dough mess, making the icing, coloring the icing 6 different colors ( + white)...But all in all it was good.100_2386


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Tiddy and Charlie. said...

Looks messy...but fun! ( The cookie making, not the knitting,lol)
c x