Thursday, February 24, 2011

WIP Wednesdays

I've been motivated by other crafty bloggers to keep a running tab on my works in progress - since my blog is called WIP..i kind of should have thought of this myself and been doing it for a while :")

Thing is my camera is still sans battery...the cord is still AWOL (in USA where i left it to be exact). I ordered one forever ago from kodak online store and am STILL waiting for it ...grumble grumble grumble...So for this week's WIP's kind of dull sans photos...

I am working like crazy on my rust and navy tempest (the one that i talked about last post - remember, tony the tiger?)
I am about 80% done with the back of the sweater. And on the one hand, it's going pretty smoothly and i would say fairly quickly, effortlessly but...when i think ahead on how much is LEFT to do, i'm getting slightly intimidated a little worried (i kind of have the dreaded magpie syndrome crafters are often known for - "ooooh! pretty!" and off i go following the last thing that caught my attention and dropping the thing i was working on :^/ ). But this is so so so pretty and soft and lovely to work on that i might just be able to hold interest in it.

I am also trying to finish up a pair of socks out of Zwerger Garn Opal Antonia aus Tirol
I had cast these on forever ago (last june) and that was just langering at the heel flap of sock one. I am nearing the toe decreases of sock two and should finish them by the end of the month. Since you cant see a picture (grrrr...) let me describe them - they are a denimy blue with one thin white stripe followed by a jacquardy white and blue 1/2 inch band and later by a thin yellow stripe. The stripe sequence runs through three times per sock and though i started them exactly at the same spot in the yarn, the first sock was abviously at a much looser gauge (remember it was started almost a year ago...) so the stripes dont exactly match up. I'm totally ok with my socks being fraternal rather than identical. Heck i've even been known to wear distant cousin socks. I have a pair i made going cuff down on one and toe up on the other so they are veeeeery different and when you get a peek of it through my mary janes you think i'm wearing mismatched socks - i dont care - i love wearing hand knit socks. like wearing pretty undies - just makes you feel good even if noone else knows :^)

I've also been spinning a bit. I bought 2 batts at the fiber fair i mentioned a couple of weeks back. One was reds with pretty much everything but the kitchen sink in it (all different types of wools, angelina, angora...) And the other was the same mix but in pretty pale blues.
The reds i picked out so i could spin it for a swap i'm doing. The swap is honoring the American Heart Association ‘Go Red for Women’ program, which promotes healthy living and education for the prevention of heart disease. We are to send one skein of red yarn plus other goodies plus make a donation to the AHA. I'm running very late on getting mine out because i'm having trouble getting my act together but mostly because i had this specially made yarn in mind for the yarn part of the swap and i have no other red yarn in my stash (unless i regift and that's not cool). And, well, said "art yarn" that i envisioned as being really cool and reminiscent of artherosclerosed arteries is ... fugly : P.
The blue batt that i spun up isnt faring much better. I have yet to ply it though - maybe i can salvage it. What they say is true though, quality in => quality out. These batts were not of as professional of a caliber as i'm used to spinning and while i thought the funkiness of the blend was artistic intent on the blenders behalf, while spinning, i realized it was more just a question of poorly processed fiber.


Liana said...

As you probably heard middle Tennessee had some horrible storms last night, some tornadic. I pray your family fared well. We did fine though it was touch and go there for a little bit. COngrats to you on the AHA swap and donation. What are you spinning on? Wheel or drop spindle?

Rebecca said...

it's a wheel - a used louet s ... uh... something or other
it pulls like crazy -often have to spend withno brake on at all but i love her ;)
thanks for heads up on weather
my dad just sent me an email and didnt mention anything about it so i think they're all well.
take care

Isabelle said...

Yes, you have to keep plugging along on the Tempest cardigan - it is going to be gorgeous! Considering where you were yesterday evening, you'll be done with the back in no time, if you aren't already. :) It'll be perfect for spring :)

And I loved your socks yesterday! (what a weird thing to be saying - LOL!)

It was great seeing you yesterday - already looking forward to the next tricot-thé! :)