Monday, February 21, 2011

My mojo is back :D

I was feeling weighed down by shouldas and wannas but wont cause i have too many wips already, weighed down by a too large queue i could never get to in a million years, weighed down by too much stash, a lot of which i bought just cause it was on sale or before i knew what kind of yarn i wanted or "surprises" i ordered without seeing it first hand.

I have cleared out the toy/craft room to make room for the elliptical trainer so now that room has no more fibery stuff in it (except books and i think i'll clear that out as well). it is now a toy room / gym. While clearing it out, i got rid of some stash. I still have a couple of other stash sources to go through but i weeded out a lot.

I dwindled down my queue to only things i really think i would like to make.

I put some of my WIPS that i really lost interest in in "hibernation" both on ravelry and in my house (ie i hid them in a chest lol) so they wouldnt haunt me anymore. A couple i decided to rip even.

And I decided to not expect any thing of myself (remember the 1 chemo cap per month, 1 BOM per month, 1 pair of socks per month, yadda yadda). If i make a hat, pair of socks, block, ... GREAT! If i dont feel like doing it, that's fine too! NO MORE HAVE TO's :D

And finally to get it all back in order, I decided to let myself CO a sweater I've been wanting to do (even though i didnt finish big orange which is "hidden" in hibernation ;P)

I CO for Tempest, a free pattern from It's a very cute striped cardigan; I chose an absolutely stunning yarn - merino cashmere nylon. It's rapture by squoosh fiber arts in sweet potato and ink. I have decided to embrace the fact that I'm an autumn. I really don't want to be : I love pink and purple lol! But after talking to Dianne and my mom about this over Christmas, I really must admit that burnt orange is a good color for me ;^P.
The colors are so pretty and rich and vibrant and the yarn feels wonderful! The colors are very pretty together is a rather unfortunate color combination choice...anyone remember tony the tiger, you know kellogs frosted flakes?
Oh well, let's just hope nobody notices. If I start hearing "you look grrrrrrrrrrreat!" while wearing it i think i'll crawl under a rock. good thing commercials in france back in the 80's werent quite so "commercialized" so maybe the frenchies wont sight the tiger in me.

I'm also trying to get my healthier living mojo back and the new elliptical trainer is helping with that. More on that later.

And a big ol' congrats to my bff who is getting into a healthier shell these days! wtg!!!


ChelleC said...

What a great idea. Those "shoulds" can really weigh a person down and get so heavy they undermine our joys and accomplishments. Glad you cleared out your stash, hibernated those WIPs and now can reward yourself with knitting what you really want.

Liana said...

Way to go girl!!! Get rid of unwanted stress, no need to keep it hanging around, especially around your neck. I don't worry about UFO's. They sit in a bag and if I get back to them, great. It's not that I really get bored with them, I just see something more exciting to work on. :-) I need to think about de-stashing sometime but I LOVE all my yarn and can't see getting rid of any.