Friday, February 11, 2011

Crazy me?

I'm already afraid of how I'm going to feel next week...
I have a BUSY weekend ahead of me - should be lots of fun but i'm afraid I'll be regretting it next week - feeling tired and annoyed and upset with myself for not spending time with the kids...yadda yadda.
Saturday as soon as we eat lunch we're hopping in the car to go to Montpellier (about an hour away) to look at an elliptical trainer.
That evening we're having dinner with 2 neighboring couples at one of their houses - will be great fun and relaxation. great for the kids too as their kids and ours are friends. But, itmeans a busy afternoon into a busy evening and a late night (and i really need my beauty sleep ; ) )
And then Sunday I'm going to a wool festival!!! Yeah!! A wool festival - can you believe it? It wont be rhinebeck, but hey! It's something!
And I'm going with a few girlsI knit with in Montpellier.
Thing is it's a 4 hour drive for me => 8 hours driving in all...ugh!!!!!
And I'm the one driving - aaaaggggghhhh!!!
What am i, crazy?! Ahhhh the things we'll do for WOOL!!! lol

So fun to be had, but...remind me not to overbook myself like this again...?

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