Friday, February 1, 2013

Romance challenge Day 1

Today's challenge :
  • Put a chocolate kiss in his briefcase, lunch bag or on the dashboard of his car, with a note that says, “I love you!”
  • Write “I love you” on his bathroom mirror with soap or lipstick.
  • Send him a romantic card to his workplace via snail mail.
  • Draw a candlelight bath and invite him to join you.
I had cleaned off a high - up shelf in the kitchen 2 days ago and found a pretty heart shaped box from godiva chocolates i offered dh for valentine's day years ago.  I tucked it away for later use and then thought of it this morning for today's challenge. I put a line of Milka chocolate (one of his faves) in it and hid it under his tupperware of rice and sardines (blerk). 
I think this will bring a smile to his face as he labors out in the cold looking at vine after vine doing a job he doesnt much care for.  I hope so anyhow.  I also just sent him an email card to his addy that he should fid tonight.

Anyone else participating?  What did you do?

I just listened to a "word on fire" yesterday where he was explaining God's economy.  To receive you have to give away.  To be blessed you must bless others.
To be loved, you must first love.  Afterall, that is how God is - He loves us even when we deserve no love.  I thought this was kind of appropriate to this 2 week challenge.  I desire to feel Christophe's love which i doubt constantly and in my opinion for reason.  Well, up to me to dish it out first.


Tiddy and Charlie. said...

That's a lovely thing to do for Christophe :o) I bet he enjoys it. Sardines, eh? Well, we all have our own tastes I suppose,lol c x

Tini said...

I guess the best way to ensure to be loved it to love oneself first!! If you are positive about yourself others will be positive about yourself as well (I had to learn that during battling an eating disorder too....)