Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Day 7

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I've made it a full week on the eat to live plan.
I've been putting stars on my calandar :
Gold for "shining the sink" at night (flylady january challenge)
Green for eating healthy
Red for getting off my butt and doing at least something active during the day

I started all of this last friday after i got back in from USA.

I have a 21 gun    star salute :D wootwootwoot!

And it's paid.  I feel good when i get up in the morning and dont have a mess in the kitchen.
I feel good eating healthy and am really enjoying my soups - i LOVE soup!
I feel less uncomfortable in my body but not yet in my clothes :P 
That's ok...i'll get there too.

I have lost 2 kg (4.4 pounds) over this week.  That is a lot for one week, i know.  But thing is i had gained about that much over the week i was in USA and about 2 more since last november.  So i think these first 4 kg should fall off quickly (though not easily lol!)
I still feel very lethargic.  I'm doing my yoga but i have no stamina or strength and it's really taking all my motivation to do it.
I went for a lovely walk, just me and the doggies, today. It was gorgeous out!  But even at my own pace and with a short distance, i felt winded and my legs seemed difficult to move.  This isnt like me! The lack of strength and stamina yes.  But being whipped by a simple walk, no.
 I dont know if it's the extra weight or the lack of animal protein.    I'll know in a few more weeks when i cant blame it on being out of practice and when hopefully a few more pounds will be gone.  If by then i still feel like this, i will take a different spin on my nutritarian eat-to-live plan.  My step-mother who had originally told me about this book said that the first 10 days or so people often feel funky.  

So my pic... I found a gazillion negative things to say and every time had to remind myself, NO!  You're looking for the positive! Stop it!
I must say that those jeans and my bra are so flippin uncomfortable that i couldnt be positive if i tried!  SO...I went and changed!  Those jeans will stay in my closet for another few pounds lol.
I couldnt even breath .  and they kept sliding down (not because too loose but because too tight if that makes sense lol)  and my sweater kept riding up.  I'm very very unhappy and self-conscious about my stretch-marked belly so that was making me in a bad mood.  Well and it was driving me nuts and again, just all around uncomfortable.  
After changing jeans i felt much better.
So the positive thing in this pic?  I love my doggies!  They are so sweet and cute! And they love me!  Just as i am!  Doggies rock!   
And i like this color on me.

NOW! On a totally different note
if you're interested, there's a love challenge on the girlfriends in God website  
Hope you'll join me in accepting this challenge and spreading love inthis world starting in your own little corner :D! 


Tini said...

you look smashing! And who sees the stretchmark beyond you and the other persons responsible for them? My tummy is aweful (I had a circumfence of 150cm during pregnancy) but I have lovely twins to show why and you have two awesome kids as well!

Tiddy and Charlie. said...

4.4 lb! Well done. c x