Monday, November 30, 2009

Just blabbing

A lot to say but nothing important so a little yadayada today =P
So I'm at my "new job". It's rough trying to get used to working 5 days straight, not having any time for myself, and trying to figure out where to put in things like, oh, say housecleaning??? Wierd adjustment. I knew I would miss my days off when kids were at school but I thought I would be so well organized and blablabla cause I'd have time to do things in the afternoon cause I wouldnt be worn out and yadayada. Well, last week, I had late meetings Tuesday, Retirement party Wednesday, and Thanksgiving dinner Thursday. So my week flew by without rhyme or reason or time to do diddle. I was hoping this week would be mors "typical" so i could see what it's really like on this schedule but tomorrow i have my dietician appt (like that helps any at all =b ! ) and thursday i'm taking alex to a concert as part of her Christams present
So not yet...
So want to know my stupid plan for what a typical week will be. monday wednesday and saturday 10k jog, tuesday thursday and friday 45 min swimming and yoga thrown in for good measure when i can swing it. all this and still be more available for my kids than what i was on my previous schedule when i was too worn out to stand up on my days off. Think i'm setting myself up for failure. but let's just nail this into my head : this is not an obligation! only a lofty goal that will not make me a bad person if i dont do it all every week, right?
So i did go for a jog yesterday, knowing i couldnt today cause of grocery shopping. why not have done it sunday you say? because nothing is open on sunday in this (insert raspberry) country. so on yesterdays jog, get this. i feel so humiliated. dh came with me and he ...wait for it... get this... WALKED! as i JOGGED! Yes, jogged, panting and hemming and hawing. He walked along side me with his stupid cardio tracker on his chest and wrist, indicating proudly a 110 pulse. ha! I must have been at 200. He was very supportive though and didnt make fun of me. I had forewarned him he better not! The thing is we passed several groups of walkers coming in the opposite direction. i felt so embarrassed! oh well. Anyhow i did my 10k! and this time it took onehour 16 minutes and 35 seconds. Better than last time :)
course now my left hip is killing me.
I mentioned Thanksgiving earlier. We had it at Alison and Ken's "table d'hotes" it was so good - two kinds of yummy yummy stuffings (pear and something was one and somekind of spicy sausage was the other) turkey, buttered brussel sprouts, and pumpkin pie! yum! there was more but that's all i got. It was me and dh and the kids and we ate with charlie and michele and their girls. It was great company. I was not though. i was kind of a mean spirited soul as we had a french couple at our table. they always get put with us as dh is one of the only other french people there so it's totally normal but i wanted to be just with americans and besides she always looked drugged out of her mind and he's very loud and seems drunk to me. How b**** and un-thanksgivingly minded am i???? I didnt show my butt or anything . i laughed and talked with them and all but it was on the inside that my heart wasnt in the right place. that was bad. bad becca >:p I'm sorry God :(
I guess I've rambled more than enough and chased any of you brave souls who visit me away by now. I forewarned you, lots of yadayada!
did you make it through? I'm lol! You truly are a brave soul ;)!

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ChelleC said...

Rebecca, it sounds like you are a busy lady. You are doing great. Just breathe. It will be okay. Have a Merry Christmas.