Monday, May 23, 2011

C is for


It's week 3 in the accidental knitter's ABC'athon.

I do promise that i will not blabber on about yarn and fiber in every single post though that's what i've done for B and now C and what i will do for A(hmmm..wonder what that could be ;) if i manage to squeeze that one in :")

Thing is, well, i LOVE fiber!!!

And last week i was talking about butter-y fiber. Well, the thing is my butteriest favorite is cashmere. You can't talk about buttery fibers without mentioning cashmere.

It started with cashmerino by debbie bliss that i picked up to make a hat because i was able to get it in my lys (unbelievable!) and because it wasnt very expensive.

It was pure heaven to work with! I mean it!!!! So lovely it was amazing!

Then i purchased rapture by squoosh fiberarts from eat.sleep.knit. This stuff was even more incredible. I jsut cant say enough good things about it. so soft, such a dream to work with, the merino added in means it has a lot of memory and behaves pretty much like you'd expect wool to behave, the silk makes it so lustrous but the cashmere, man! it just makes it soooooooo soft! and sooooooo warm and comfy!
i absolutely love the sweater i made out of it.

I should say C is for crack. cashmere is my crack.
thing is i'm spoiled now and want everything i make now to have cashmere in it :"D


Isabelle said...

I think Blogger ate my comment :(

I was saying you are really tempting me to try the Rapture in the fall :) and I totally agree about the Cashmerino.

As far as I'm concerned you can totally feel free to devote your whole alphabet to yarn and knitting ;)

GirlAnachronismE said...

I LOVE cashmere, if only I could afford it for everything. But I am making my boy a scarf in what is mainly cashmere and it's so amazing to work with.