Wednesday, May 25, 2011


Do you know, i'm jsut now internalizing that i'm starting this whole couch to 5k thing almost 2 years to the day later 8^O

So i just got out there and did session 2 of week one today.
Easy peasy :D

And guess what!? Today was weigh-in and.... I hit goal :D (there are smaller attainable goals set up on "my plan" to help you stay motivated along the way). The first goal that they suggest, and that i went with, is to lose 5 % of your starting weight. For me, that was 7 pounds. And i did it :D !!!!! WOOTWOOT!!!!!!!!!!

My new goal was suggested for me today : - 10 % of my starting weight. So i accepted that as thenext step in my weight loss journey. When i get to -10% i will be just into the healthy weight zone for my height, build, gender, age :D In other words i will officially be no longer overweight :D But my real goal is to lose a little more (118 pounds = 53.5 k) to be in the middle of the healthy weight zone instead of at the upper end of it.

If i keep up the same rythm of weight loss, i can get to -10 % by mid-july.
and my treat to myself when i get down to - 10 %... I'm chopping off my hair and going platinum again :D or maybe a firey rusty color. I have over a month to decide :D
hey, how about some votes :D rust or platinum.
here's some older pics to help you decide :

These pictures range from jan to june 2008 (the blond is later in the year) which is the last time i managed to lose so much weight - but this weight loss was depression induced (right after i found out DH had been cheating on me, remember that? i do :^P )
but i really felt super confident in myself when i had my hair like that! really!!!! but maybe it was the wieght more than the hair? who knows, i just remember feeling good about my self. actually, it might have been the prozac roflol...


Isabelle said...

Well, I just told you yesterday how much I liked your current hair ;) You would look stunning either way.

Congrats on the weight loss! 7 pounds is a lot, especially as you're not losing them through a (bad) crash diet.

Rebecca said...

i know but i dont like it right now :P
thanks :D

cath said...

You are inspirational!
I love that pic of you in front of the window. You look great with that cut in that color.

Rebecca said...

:") lol
so is that a vote for the blond?
chalk one up for blond.
i'm keeping a tally.
i think isabelle's vote is either or so i didnt count it ;)

Isabelle said...

Though I think I also like the blond better. It really brings out your eyes and features.

Rebecca said...

so i've got 2 votes for blond and my mom voted in a pm on rav "no red please!!!! anything but red!!!!"
so that would be a blond too
unless it's the bugs bunny "dont throw me inthe whole" skit in an attempt at reverse psychology