Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Episode 6 show notes

Shout outs
i mention the beautiful isabelle, kittystiches, and her gorgeous birthday dress, lovely blog, and skills extraordinaire
i mention the lovely, talented, and charming casapinka and the awesome Waverly fabric giveaway she had.
Off the needles
I actually finished the naughty secretary skirt
and i finished roxanne (sorry for the croaking)
WIP it good
I'm still plugging away on Elphaba while listening to wicked (and not wicked witch of the west like i said several times in the podcast)
and trying to learn to enjoy spinning merino fiber with the happyhappyjoyjoy colorway
In the Spotlight
I talk about a wonderful friend,Sulkycat who recently charmed the socks off me with her birthday beth and who makes and sells wonderful knitting bags, cute brooches and my favorite stitch markers - see for yourself in her artfire store
On my Ipod:
I recently finished listening to beloved
so who's up for it? enter your project and let's go for it!
I'll be working on Alex' dress (sewn).

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Jellyj said...

Hey Rebecca! Please tell your son that Jellyj said "Tres Bien" or "Bon Travaille" (I hope I got those right...I had to ask a friend:). He did a great job learning that song. I'm impressed!