Sunday, May 29, 2011

C2 5K W3D1

That wierd licence plate charabia means couch to 5 k week 3 day 1...
So...I did it!
I skipped week 2.
You may remember i was doing W1 kind of wierdly - I wanted to jog to music so i had loaded my ipod up with songs, alternating a upperbeat and a slower paced song to keep me on track to the jog/walk sequences.
But i found a C2 5K app today :D AWESOME!! Best 3 bucks i've spent; And i think I'll upgrade for an extra 99 cents in order to get the gps, which should let me know and track speed and distance :D
This app is awesome! it lets you listen to any music you want (or book or podcast or whatever) while at the same time giving you audio signals to "dong Run" or "dong Walk".
I highly recommend it to any of you who are doing the C2 5K right now or who are thinking of doing it. the down side of this is that you're spendin 3 bucks on something you wont need after 9 weeks ( the length of the program). Though if you upgrade, i dont see why you couldnt continue to use the app's gps function.
Back to my skipping week 2...
Thing is, songs are not typically 1 minute long, so my W1 had me running longer spurts than even week 3 yet i didnt want to skip to W 4. So I just started with W3. My performance wasnt great today. I didnt jog as fast or as smoothly or as well even though the spurts of jogging were less than i had been doing.
We had guests last night so were up late, had a heavy (non WW worthy) meal, and then this morning RĂ©mi's friend who was staying over woke us up at 6:30. I think any and all of these reasons might explain it lol...
As for my non WW worthy meal, i did count all the points at least, so it's kosher. I still have 17 weekly points left.


A Natural Alternative said...

You go girl!!! I am looking up to you. At my pace it will take me a month to get to week 3, but I am SOO proud of you!

Rebecca said...

lol! you'll get there! i dont have asthma to contend with!
i'm proud of U!!!!