Friday, May 20, 2011

FO Friday

I am THIS close to finishing Roxanne :D
I have mixed feelings about this shawl.
First of all, the yarn i chose for it is less than optimal - too busy for the highly textured shawl. (it's the color of the2nd skein of yarn on the page)
Second of all, the pattern itself, while ther's nothing "wrong" with it, is not one i would have chosen to knit had i seen it before hand.
Thirdly, it is quite small! Though I reserve judgement on that until it is blocked.
And speaking of blocking, that and about 2/3 row single crochet around the edge is all that's left.
I tried the suggested bindoff and though i have found that BO to be excellent in the past, for some reason it was very tight on this shawl. it wouldnt let me block it correctly, let alone have pointed edges! So i opted for a single crochet BO with picots every 6 stitches. As i had enough yarn left for a 2nd row, that's what i'm currently doing and then throw it in a soak bath, pin it out, let it dry and voilà! One Christmas gift done :D
I had been debating whether this shawl would be gift-worthy while knitting it. I was hoping to gift it to Noëlle for Noël but was starting to feel ashamed it would be too ugly. Now that it's done, though it is far from being the prettiest i've knit up, it is at least not too shameful to gift.
Pics to follow.

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