Sunday, May 24, 2009

It's been a while

Of course, that's the norm for me, right? Hehehe!

Lot's going on it seems. Too uch for me anyway.

Rémi was on t.v. We were so proud of him. He did a great job and volunteered to read the weather bulletin on top of the few lines he and his classmates were to say. Fastforward to 8.30 seconds

Not much else going on with him.

Alex is being Alex. It's so difficult with her. She's so sweet and loving but then she has such a major attitude problem and is outright rude.
I was very proud of her as she finally stopped sucking her thumb (or so we thought). She got a manicure to encourage her and show her that she's being a big girl now. A couple of nights later, though, I caught her two nights in a row with her thumb in her mouth. doh! But during the day she's not sucking it at all.

Christophe is doing well. Not much going on with him.

I have been quite disgusted with myself lately. Have not lost any of the weight I put on in USA. Christophe is of course not happy about that either. I thought I was so over the boulemia thing but it's been haunting me again lately. grrrrr.
On the upside, though, I have been doing my yoga very regularly and today... wait for it wait for it..... I went for a "jog" I cannot jog 2 feet without killing over but know that jogging would be great to complement my yoga and for weight loss. So... I found this plan and today I did the first workout. I actually made it! I borrowed Alex' Ipod and Remi's watch that has a stopwatch function on it and I got my butt out there this morning and I DID IT! Yeah me! I feel so empowered :D!
I'm also feeling happy about my new "sunroom". We repainted the toy room and "redecorated" to turn it into a craft room/ toy room/ lounge around room. I love it!

And one last positive lately. I sent in my pediatric nursing school application and am in the process of gathering up financing. I have a meeting mid-june with the fongicef, the government agency that is responsible for financing continuing education projects.

Big hugs to all of you!

Oh, yeah, Coco is gone :)


Anonymous said...

yea becca, i finally got to see my grandson, the famous tv star, remi on the news!!!! so very handsome and he looks like the media just might be the job he was born for. so at ease, so cute, i was very impressed! alex, keep working on the thumb - you'll get there. becca, good job on peds nursing app. hope everything goes the way you want it too. love, mama

Kendra said...

Remi did a great job! I just love him. He reminds me of Benjamin in many ways! Although, I have no idea what he said. I suppose I should have studied more in French class.

Alex is making progress. It may just take a little more time. She'll do it!

I know that you are stressed about your weight. I think you look great. And I'm sure that stressing out about it is only making the eating worse. You are making progress too!

Good luck with the pediatric nursing. I know you are ready for a change.

I'll try to post more soon.

Oh.....I MISS YOU!