Saturday, May 31, 2014



I've been wanting these Miss L Fire shoes since the spring summer collection came out. What Katie Did had a sale so i said wth and got them :D
I LOVE them :D
They make me happy :D
And while waiting for them i got myself a couple of somethings to match them - did pretty good too considering I only had a computer screen memory to go by.
I've started making the bombshell dress out of the hawainy flowered one.
But I'm not having much luck as the craftsy course is really not up to standards.  There is a pdf pattern but there arent even any instructions with it!!! wtf? and the camera angles do NOT let you see wth Gertie is doing so you can try to figure it out that way. And she even glances over much of the construction saying you can put these together on your own. uh, really? with no pattern instructions?
i managed the skirt up to the gather and here i'm stuck!
I sewed the gathering lines along the wrong edge.
And now i think i know which edge but can't figure out what to do with the drapey part when assembling the front and back!
Very frustrated. As for the bodice, I'm going to do a more simple and everyday wear plain bodice.

I took advantage of the WKD sale to pick this up too :")
Been waning one forever but they're pretty pricey so ive held off but again with the sale...
I love how it feels on - really pulls my waist in and helps with posture but ...boobage prob as usual :/
ive kind of messed with the bonings trying to mold it to my bust's shape. It's a little better but not great. Thing is I need it to pull in right on the sides but it has no support there :/  I hesitated getting an underbust one and wish i had but i so so so want to be able to wear pretty strapless or thinly strapped summer dresses... sigh...


Tiddy and Charlie. said...

Beautiful shoes! I wish I could walk in shoes that high. Well, I can, but I walk like a duck,lol. c x

Rebecca said...

hey there! they're really not that high since they are compensated. they're actually quite comfortable!

Miss J said...

Hey Rebecca, hope you are well. I'm late on his but I agree with you, that ruched part of the bombshell dress is a pain and giving me a headache right now! Did you persevere? I'm going to tackle it again tomorrow...