Monday, May 26, 2014

Mad May Matterhorn

I did it! I finished something! And it's part of a kal! And it's even done before the kal is over! GO ME!!!!!
Finally lol!
Here's my Matterhorn hat designed by Ann Hanson (knitspot)
Knit out of madeline tosh vintage in the thunderstorm colorway.
I  have already knit the hat and mitt set for the monthly adventures Christmas swap a couple of years ago.
Now i'm knitting a matching set for myself because i, like most knitters, have many handknits but they never match lol. Now come winter i'll be ready with a cute black hat/scarf/mitt set :D
I'll start on the scarf and mitts later in the year when i get some stuff off my plate.
btw, wierd. when i look at this pic i see why so many people say my eyes are blue even though they're not.


Tiddy and Charlie. said...

Cor! I like your hat!!! You are very clever! Tiddy x

Rebecca said...

thanks tiddy :D i sure miss your mrs c and mr p!

Rebecca said...
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