Wednesday, November 19, 2014


I know I have griped at length about my large bust and never being able to wear dresses, needing to dull horizontal bust darts on my knit sweaters, tryign to learn how to do full bust adjustments etc...
I dont complain as much about my bottoms because i often wear skirts which fit me more easily than pants. But I do have fitting issues down there too! :/
In fact, i can only get pants when I go back to USA. I've given up looking in France, it's just hopeless!
If i can manage to fit my thighs and butt into something (which is hard enough to do inFrance, and which i dont understand because there are some large women here who have pants ... where do they get htem?! I've never dared ask a random full figured woman "where do you find pants big enough to fit your thighs?". I might upset them lol!

WAIT!Speaking of upsetting people! Would you believe a co-worker asked me last week if i was pregnant!!!!???  I just lost weight ! Like 10 pounds!!! And she asked if i was prego! Gee thanks!

Ok rant over, back to the pants thing.  I was saying ...If i can manage to fit my thighs and butt into something, I have about 4 inches worth of baggy crap going on at waist and the waist band pulls down horribly in the back.

Well, I had a few pairs of jeans from USA. And two of them ruptured along the chub-rub lines! Just totally blew out! Geez! And at same time :/
So I'm reduced to one pair of pants. And baby it's cold out!!!

So I decided i needed some cute sewn pants. However, I am not going to sabotage myself with multiple muslins and fit adjustments, resulting in frustration, and no garments...
I chose a cute, wide legged pair of pants that claims to be beginner. Sounds good right?!

Well, so far, it is holding true to its claim! It is pretty darn easy!
As with all the Colette patterns, the instructions, which come in a clever booklet format with a back flap for pattern storage, are well written and fully illustrated.

Last week I cut out the pattern pieces and did a good amount of assembly up to the fly front.  And screeeach!!! I skidded to a halt as i just didnt get it.

The booklet is sprinkled with design ideas and helpful tips.  One such helpful tip was to go to the coletterie blog and check out the fly front photo tutorial.
Today I finally got up the courage and a few minutes of anough menatl focus to do that.

And LOOK!!!!!!!!!!!!

Look what I've done ! :D. #soproudofmyself ! #sewaddict  #sewing #flyfront

I did it!!!!!!!!!
And it looks decent :D
So proud of myself and sooo giddy over Coletterie!

I would like to close out with something Caitlin said inher tutorial blog post that really hit home and made me tackle this zip with a very zen and accepting attitude
"As always, when you’re tackling something new, go slowly and don’t be afraid to use your seam ripper to pull out mistakes"

What are you up to? Trying anything new these days? Try to remember Caitlin's words of wisdom!


Isabelle said...

Well done you!!
I have never made a fly front. :)
Congratulations on conquering your fear and trusting your abilities! I hope your pants turn out wonderful. Love to you!

Liana said...

So happy to see you back in blogland and kudos to you for tackling something new!

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