Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Ten on Tuesday

I often participate in Carole's ten on tuesday but i believe she is still on vacation so for the past two tuesdays there has been no proposed topic.
So i'm making up my own :D
September is always a special month for me.
First of all it's the first month of fall. I loooove fall! i love it ! crispness, smells, air, feeling, all of it. Everyone talks about spring cleaning but for me i go into fall nesting mode, making my humble abode clean, cozy, comfy, clutterless <3 p="">And here in france, september = la rentrée : life picks up again after 2 totally dead, unfruitful frustrating months of everyone being on vacation but me! :/  La rentrée, you get into a rythm again, things start getting done, you can sign up for sports for yourself and kids, you go get your wellness doctor visits and medical authorization forms, you get new duds and 'dos
I've been a good girl this year and already have the doctor visits done :D yeah me!!!
and we have a pretty good idea of what sports/activities the kids are doing
and i just made our hair appointments for friday :D.  Feeling quite accomplished ;D
That said, there are still a lot of things i want to get done in september so here's my little non-exhaustive list
Ten things i want to accomplish in September
 1. Finish my sPa reading (summer psalm adventure) .  i'm a tiny bit behind and havent read much this past week and feel the difference in how down i'm feeling.  i've been working a lot of hours and eating a lot of food and feeling too self-loathing to do anything but feel funky during non-working hours. and this is not doing me much good.
2. Get kids off to a great start for this school year : helping them find a schedule for school, sports, fun, hoework, and chores they can adhere to and that will help them do well in school this year and that will let us back off a little as they become more responsible = HUGE challenge. last year wasnt that great and was a constant source of stress for me and negativity all around as they did NO-thing! and then got upset and gripey and whiney and even teary and temper tantrummy like a couple of toddlers when i tried to get them going on things :/. 
3. Get help for myself.  i have been looking up things on internet after talking to my bff about my eating habits.  i have an eating disorder. i minimize it and say i like to eat, i'm a piglet, i have trouble controlling my pulsions, i binge-eat.  but after some research, in early 2013 the exact eating pattern si have have been classified as compulsive overeating. this is different than binge eating in that there is truly an addictive component to it.  My bff suggested some online help and even helped me find someone to talk to. i'm in touch with the person and trying to get appts set up but i need to find someone here.
4.  Figure out nursing licence stuff.  I am planning on me and the kids spending next summer in USA. We need it.  and christophe said ok. though he often says things nad retracts them at the last minute. i'm going to do all the planning and just do it.  he'll have to deal with it.  I once got my equivalency but the stupid thing was only good for one year! wth?  so i need to conact tn licensing board and see what i need to do to be able to work as a nurse in tn next year.
5. Figure out what to do with 10 of my hibernating projects.
6. Finish 10 WIPs
7. Practice my horn (i will try to post about that before the end of the week)
8. Do the ETL plan seriously.
9. Start an activity regimen : walking, swimming, yoga, check out gym to go with Rémi, zumba with Alex til my pass runs out then decide if i want to keep at it, jogging if my foot stops acting up again
10. Work through the love languages book seriously.

What a list!  Wish me luck lol
Do you guys have anything planned for september?  is september a big month for you or a month like any other? 

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