Thursday, September 5, 2013

In the Dog-house

Oh, Happy! You are a BAAAAAAD dog!
We have been crating Happy when we leave because she cannot handle too much stimuli;  She is very happy to go into her crate and seems much more relaxed in general even on days when she's not crated (though this could also be because she's not a puppy anymore).
We chose to crate her, after many suggestions to my husband and refusals on his behalf because , well, just because he refuses anything that sounds wierd without giving it any thought and because he found it easier to yell at Happy and threaten to kill her than to actually take actions to change her behavior or at least control it. 
It's a great thing too that Happy likes her crate, i think she realized she needed it,because DH also is too hardheaded to listen to anything about training for the crate, and just unceremoniously put her in there for a whole work day without any getting used to it.  ho-hum.
Anyhow, after a few months of crating, my husband is starting to like Happy again as she is no longer destroying expensive things like bike helmets, new shoes, various bike parts , or tearing to shreds any little piece of anything she could find laying around anywhere!
So last Friday we were invited to dinner at a neighbors, right down the street.  We decided it was for such a short period of time that instead of leaving dogs in the hot garage (Easy free to rome and Happy in her crate which is a large wire wild bore trap my husband recycled into a crate because he might just be too cheap to let me purchase a cute, comfy, appropriate dog crate), we decided to shut them off in the kitchen.
However somebody didnt close the second door as we left so they actually had access to the whole house.
Well, we come in to Happy standing in the hallway barking her head off at us, ears straight up, fur shackled, teeth bared.  We laughed thinking what a silly dog! She ran off still barking.
We laughed some more and Rémi took them out to pee.
We then go to our bedrooms and...AAAAGGGHHHH!!!!
chewed up teared up ripped to shreds kleenex everywhere on our bed (she's not allowed on our bed!) and  my knitting bag on the floor with everything drug out of it (in all fairness there was a bar of 100% dark chocolate in the bottom, which she promptly devored, which if you dont know is very bad for dogs).  We gasped and griped and kind of haha'd a tiny bit while picking it up and then i notice...pee on the floor next to the bed...lovely;  Alex runs to mop it up while Christophe has his back turned  so he wouldnt get any more upset at Happy but...
BELLOW!!!!!!!!!!! coming from living room where Christophe had wandered to see if she'd done any other damage.
Happy had knocked over my purse and emptied its contents, destroying my headphones of course while she's at it, to get out a package of chewing gum that she went onto our beautiful beige couch to chew AND SHE POOPED ON OUR COUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Happy pooped on our couch for crying out loud!
What got in to her?!
I told Alex to run outside and tell Rémi to not come back in with the dogs til Christophe calmed down and then cleaned up.
Everything is now back in order, other than the fact that i unzipped the cushion cover of the cushion she pooped on and washed it, only to realize when putting it back on the couch that our beige couch isnt quite so beige after all...maybe kind of ivory :/
Bad dog!
Hope you are all well and no misbehaving is going on for you ;D


Tini said...

I think, she pooped because you went away and she was uncertain and lonely.
Geesh, why don't you and Christophe go to see a dog trainer (who actually trains the owners?). And it's important that both of you go or better Christophe, since he seems to have a problem with her.
I think, it's her reaction to somebodies agressive behaviour....

Rebecca said...

ive talked about going to a dog trainer but ch doesnt want to spend the money...silly right? i mean we would have saved a lot of money in the long run. do you think it's too late at 1.5 years old though?

Tini said...

It's never too late. In the shelters here every dog, no matter the age gets training.