Saturday, September 7, 2013

WIP Wednesday

In last post i said i was going to figure out what to do with 10 hibernating projects that are taking up physical space as well as weighing on me and hindering my moving forward with new projects and also
finish 10 wips over the month of september. This is a little ambitious, but we'll see what we can manage.
I will try to post my progres on WIP (work in progress) Wednesdays over the month.

Things to move out of hibernation
  1. Color affection shawl I was totally not happy with the color i originally chose for color 3. So i switched after 2 rows...without ripping back :"). I was equally unhappy with secong color 3 choice as well as unhappy with not ripping back. Neither color provided enough of a contrast from color 2's variagated shades. That said, i was afraid of using a more vibrant color for fear of it turning garish.  I went to knit night in neffies and my knitting friends helped me pick out one of the 7 or so skeins i brought. That night i ripped back and started over - i love it. it is a very vibrant pink and does definitely provide contrast! but i dont think it looks like clown barf either. i'm hoping to finish this fairly soon and gift it to a friend for a nursing shawl as she is unexpectedly pregnant with her 4th child.  i had taken before and after pics but my computer and flickr conspired against me and ate 78 of my pictures i was trying to download!!! bad flickr!
  2. figure out what to do about remi’s sweater  This has been sitting around since feb because when i tried it on him it was way too small .  i was frustrated with the sizing and also with my faulty intarsia in the round.  so i pulled it out to figure out gauge and see what size to make it.  i figured it all out, measured Remi and saw that by all calculations the thing should fit so i call remi in to try it on again and he says he doesnt really like the color...what?!  i chose these colors because he wanted a naruto sweater!  well, even though this decision was taken only 8 months ago, RĂ©mi says he's too big for that now.  after all he's in high school now. nevermind that he still plays with legos and action figures and watches cartoons and reads comics etc… ;)
  3. wall hanging
  4. cross stitch piece We had a swap table at our knitting group last wednesday and i made off like a bandit!!!!!!!!!  really!!!!!!!!!!!!!! so proud of myself!  i passed this beautiful 70% done piece on to Rochelle who I hope will love it enough to finish it instead of letting it sit there for...wait for it......... 16 years untouched!!!!!  Damn flicker ate this one too!!! only recorded picture of it i had :(  She also got this unused chart and all the yarn that goes with it in a nice box, all wrapped on to cards.
  5. orange sweaterI also put this up on the table. a 40-ish % done sweater and all the rest of the yarn that went with it as well as the pattern.  Free to the taker to rip and reskein or continue, as she sees fit.  It's just not my style.
  6. block of month blanket for mom This wil never get done! i pulled it out several times over the last few years to try again but i cannot stand to look at it anymore and i know i will never finish it.  I asked mom (who did not know i was making ti for her) if it was ok for me to give up on it and if she thought she might would finish it.  i think it hurt her feelings but i honestly wont finish it and it's better someone else love it and use it (or rip ir and repurpose the yarn).  anyhow, it went quick and i hope the new owner will make something beautiful with it. 
  7. block of month blanket for us This also wil never get done! same story as mom's blankie. started them at same time .was over ambitious. had i only done 1 at a time i might have finished it :/ this one went even quicker lol as the yarn is quite nice though i really didnt like the color upon reception.  it's a nicer softer wool and there's A LOT of it!
  8. coat
  9. wave socks these are cute socks and are some of the only examples of color work ive done that are decentish.  but the heel flap was horrid. with gaping holes going diagonally up the whole heel. wth? i pulled the sock out and ripped down to before the heel flap.  again, flickr, be damned! lost the before and after pics :/
  10. elephant quilt set up a quilting bee to finsih this guy up and gift to dianne for her future grand-baby :D .  so more on that later :D
LOOK AT ALL THOSE CROSSED OF ITEMS :D  ! GO ME !!!!!!!!!!  Only 2 items left on this list and it's not even the mid-way point of the month :D
You remember i said i made off liek a bandit at the swap table? 
I gave away cross stitching, two boxes worth of yarn in half-blanket, half skeined yarn state and a bag of yarn/half knitted sweater.  i also gave away my once beloved but now despised knitpicks interchangeables (Dianne who has borrowed tips and cables before and really liked them got a hold of those kind of "under the table" like before i set them on the swap table ;).  i think that's about it.  I felt great getting all that mental bog-down off of my hands :D !!!!!!!!!
and i came home with THIS to make ababy sweater :D

Things to try to finish up

  1. top 2 - hem, zipper, finishingOk. finished. not the best.  one sleeve hole is too tight to wear comfortably. and the blousiness of this fabric is wierd so my boobs look huge and billowy and all of a sudden, schlurp, tiny waist. wierd.'s done.
  2. top 3 - hem zipper finishing and collar facing
  3. pull out my lavandar sweater and at least get it back on track.
  4. my bijou sweater
  5. fingerless mittsSo you're probably siting there thinking..uh, those are not mitts.  how observant of you ;).  i changed my mind and decided to make after thought heel slouchy socks as i have been wanting to try oout the after thought heel for a  while and as alex requested another pair of warm hand-knit socks to wear around the house. they're kind of ugly but that's ok. they're just for warmth and a special "hug" every time she wears them ;)  I had a little trouble getting them to fit. i knit heel first, before i closed off toe so i would know just how long to make foot. kind of cheating i know but i'm glad i did as even so i had to rip toes several times. i'm pretty happy with how they turned out though and will def knit more ATH socks. i love to just knitknitknitknit and with these, you can do just that! Cast on, rib a little, then just drag it around wherever mindlessly knitting a tube :D
  6. blue dress
  7. christophe's bike camera strap  no biggie. a velcro elasticized strap . he's happy. yaddayadda.
  8. fix alex' pants these pants were not the best. the ribbon kept coming out and if she tied it in a bow, it became a knot. :: so she never wore them. i took out ribbon, folded down casing again to make a new, lower waist-casing (she wanted them to sit lower on her waist) and inserted elastic, adding the ribbon to the front for decorative purposes only. awesome fix :D i think they're sooooo cute. she doesnt seem to like them that much ... why? :(
  9. fix alex' sweater
  10. finish striped baby sweater

So in conclusion..not too bad so far eh?  what are you guys working on?  do you have the need every once in a while to overhaul everything like this?


Anonymous said...

didn't hurt my feelings one little bit.

Tiddy and Charlie. said...

You've been busy!!! Charlie is always starting new kniting stuff and not finishing the old stuff. Dont know why??!!?? If ever I start something, like a bar of chocolate or packet of crisps, I ALWAYS finish it before starting another one. Must be a girl thing. Tiddy x