Tuesday, May 28, 2013

What Katie Did try n° 2

   Look what i got in the mail :D  Here it is in its pretty tissue paper                 
and here it is opened upSans titre
It's my "glamour waist cincher" :D

and...i'm not sure what ithink about it.
i dont want to return it (i feel like a heel sending things back like that).  But compared to the Merry widow, it seems heavier, not quite as comfy, and less dramatic as far as shaping is concerned.  also, i'm afraid you can see the boning.

I measured pre cincher and then with cincher and my measurements were the same (pulling in effect counteracted by the fact that the thing is so heavy and thick)
That said, while it doesnt seem to nip anything in, it does make bulges flatten out into a smoother line which is one of the things i was hoping for. 
So i took some pics with and without the cincher on under the pencil skirt i was wanting it for.
If you can tell which one is cinched and which one isnt, it might help me decide what i want to do with this

Sans titre
Sans titre
Sans titre
Sans titre
Sans titre
Sans titre
so, which pics havethe cincher on? can you tell? if so, it's a keeper, if not, i thik i'll judge it too expensive and impractical for no results.


Teri said...

I'm guessing pics 2, 3 and 6 were with the cincher? But you look great in them all, so what do I know?

Rebecca said...

66% correct. i wont tell which ones though so i can wait and see if others can guess. but that might be a decent enough result to keep it? still dont know; dh thinks it might make a more visual difference if it werent under something that was already so tight that it kind of holds me in anyway.
thank you for your help and for your comment :)