Monday, May 27, 2013

Ten on Tuesday

You know all about Carole by now.  Without further ado, here it is
10 Things You Did This Weekend
I was a busy beaver but i ddint get much anything accomplished and ended up feeling bad about my "wasted" weekend.
  1. On Saturday i went to montpellier where i got my hair colored (red sure does fade quick!)
  2. I then had a tricothé (stitch and bitch) with some friends who thought i looked too much like a stereo-typical american coke commercial andhad to take a pic whiwh i thought was fun and funny Sans titre
  3. Then i met up with my friend Marie Pascale and helped her find a purse to gift herself for her 40th bday.
  4. We then went to our documentary film thing (you know where one of my knit friends who happens to be a cameraman films a small knitting group who chats about politics)
  5. While there, Marie Pascale pinned up my hem
  6. On sunday, i took a long walk with DH son and doggies (alex was hanging out with jade and taking pics so didnt come)
  7. I sewed up my hem and cut out the back of a new blouse
  8. i chatted on skype with my bff
  9. i made sunday lunch for the fam
  10. i did some yoga
So see, even though busy, i didnt really do anything productive- no housecleaning, week planning (not like that ever does any good as i can never manage to keep to anything),finishing of things, spending transcendental moments with the fam

what about you guys?  what where you up to?  do you feel stupidly discontented when you dont "accomplish" things or do i have an abnormal guilt complex?  Dont worry, i know the answer to that already lol


Liana said...

Sounds like you were busy spending time with friends and that is equally important. As they say your tombstone won't say what a good housekeeper (homemaker) you were, it will be that you made time for your family and friends, etc. Do not feel guilty.

I went to the Mid-TN Fiber Festival in Dickson on Saturday. Took a class, spent some time spinning with some friends, watched some sheep shearing, then headed to the grocery. Sunday I organized my spinning closet, we grilled out, and no housekeeping. NO GUILT!!!!
Enjoy your summer, it only comes around once a year. :-)

Rebecca said...

h iliana :D you're so right - we only live once. i'm really trying to change my view of things, esp for my kids sakes but it's hard. i'm so glad you got to go to a fiber festival - fun! what class did you take?
thanks for your gentle perspective reminder ;D

margene said...

Summer holiday weekends should be fun weekends! You can do the household chores on non-holiday weekends! Summer is just so short. Enjoy it!!

Donna said...

I had a similar weekend to yours. I felt dissapointed yesterday when I realized how little got done on my To Do list. The hell with it - I enjoyed myself and that's what counts!!

Teri said...

Transcendental moments with the family are the best thing in life, if you ask me. Add a few friends into the mix and you've got it all...So your weekend was PERFECT, to-do list be damned.

Gothknits said...

I often feel the same about Busy-but-not-productive times. Sometimes it's hard to accept that things without a tangible outcome have value too.
From where I stand it looks like you had a fabulous weekend. I love your style!
And my son is far more willing to wear what I make than my husband is. But we have a thing for Hawaiian shirts (long story) and he couldn't say no to Little Dude.

ChelleC said...

Spending time with friends and family is the most important thing of all. You seem to have the balance figured out pretty nicely. And you look so cute - with your glamorous new haircolor and dress. Now another weekend is upon us. Yay!

Rebecca said...

you're right margene, who needs a clean house?! small voice squeeking, me? lol. i do need to work on lettign things go ;D

Rebecca said...

Donna, this weekend i did no to do list anything but i enjoyed myself :D. and today, as i had off, i cleaned the whole house and felt quite accomplished. clean house which is important to me and fun time with fam - that's the balance i need. i'll get there. hope your weekend was as well balanced this time too :)

Rebecca said...

you're right teri - freidns and family are all that really matter in the long run.

Rebecca said...

thanks gothknits :)

Rebecca said...

hey chelle! thank you. good to "see" you around :D