Wednesday, May 29, 2013

There's a snag in my nag

Yesterday's Girlfriends in God devotional
really struck a cord. I've been dealing with anger issues and overly defensive issues, and controlling issues for far too long, viscious cycling my life away.  hurting my family and myself and feeling guilty about it; waking up daily determined to let nothing negative pass my lips and yelling within the first five minutes my kids come around ayddayaddayadda'ing and lazing and skeeving hoework and chores and bickering and name-calling with one another... UGH!  and then throw in the dh and let me tell you my firm resolutions of zennitude fly out the window in a split second as i find  my big mouth opening up and splurting out venom !
Definitely need to remember this one. and pray constantly about it.

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