Thursday, May 2, 2013

MMM Day 1

 I spent the morning finishing my muslin for colette macaron (what, is this number  6 or 7 by now ?  8^/!!!!)
MMM 2013 day 1
 i'm still not happy with it but dont have the courage to go at it again.
the skirt is ok but the bodice...
back is still too long even though ive already pinched out an inch! and thing is taking out that inch makes the top part look abnormally large.
MMM 2013 day 1 Colette Macaron
The front is all wonky, baggy yet tight and with crazy darts
MMM 2013 Day 1 Colette Macaron muslin
I've decided that today, i'm going to cut out my skirt pieces (underlining and fashion fabric), baste those together, and hopefully even get around to sewing it up as i am happy with at least that part and ifeel like if i dont make SOME kind of pregress on a real garment im going to abandon my sewing altogether and that would suck because i've accumulated quite a bit of sewing stuff lately, not to mention my awesome sewing machine dh gifted me (3?) years back now and that is woefully neglected on whole.
le sigh...


Tini said...

I think it's not that bad. The front does look o.k. except for the dart on your left breast, which is still too high.
As for the back: it would have been easier if you did not hold the dress with your hands (hint: let your arms hang straight down on pictures if you want people to see the whole drama and be able to help you ;))
Pin out the bagginess by making the horizontal seam longeze shaped. Any additional width can be dealt with at the darts and the side seams. you can do it. The front does look well! Muslin does not have the drape of your fashion fabric! Don't be discouraged!

Rebecca said...

lol about hand on hip tini. i was cheatng because that side of my dress was totally open :")
you think it will be ok then as is but just fixing the darts?
and for the horizontal seam do you mean i should kind of sew a light triangle top? would that not make it look wierd? esp since the yoke fabric is solid and the bodice fabric is patterned.
i SEW want something i can wear out of all this hard work lol

Tini said...

I think, if you pin out all the extra lengthwise fabric from the upper part and the lower part, you would see, that it will have a diamond shape. OOOR you could unpick the seam on the upper part of the waistband and pull the surplus down. Do you have the seam allowance at the armholes? I think, some of the wrinkles are coming from the s.a. pulling weirdly. Plus I think, that pinning the side seam close would get rid of some of the bagginess as well ;)I think, that you might need to do a little sway back adjustment in your future garments as well. Btw. there's something on the way to you, that will help you in the future!
And yes, you are going to have a wearble garment in the end! And each garment after that will be easier to fit, since it is not the easiest style to begin with!