Tuesday, April 30, 2013

OH NO! Who's sabotaging my Me-Made May already?!

I am SO HYPED to start me-made-may'13

I could not WAIT  to get in this afternoon and work a little on my Colette Macaron muslin number mrphrifhrafmrphmrph so that i could figure out fit and maybe even cut out my fashion fabric tomorrow :D
I sewed all the skirt pleats (four in front and four in back!) though i did opt to leave out pockets on this muslin.  i did try them on my first (size ten) muslin so i know i can do them.  I sewed up one side of the skirt, using only 1/4 inch seams instead of 5/8 inch seams as i'm thinking this might be a tad snug at the waist, and wrapped it around me to see if i have enough seam allowance on the other side.  i might have been able to use the 5/8 seam allowences but oh well whatever.
Any ow getting that much done i was like WOOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Let's keep going!
And screeeeeech! WHERE ON EARTH IS MY BODICE????????????????? >: /
Oh where oh where could it be?  with it's loipsided bust and its missing waistband, oh where oh where could it be?
I have looked everywhere! waaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

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