Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Romance challenge # 5

In my last romance challenge post i mentioned day 4's challenge and what i planned to do for it.
I never got back to you on it because i got oof track.  i have decided to turn this 14 day challenge into a 14 week or so challenge.  Hey, make the pleasure last and all right?
So day 4 was his bday. if you dont want to go to link of day 4 and read the very long blablabla post i'll shorten it here :
1. coupon book
2. roasted beets
3. tarte à la pomme birthday "cake"
4. birthday card in email with 10 things i appreciate or admire about him.

coupon book = success. he thought it was pretty funny and has already tried to use one of his coupons which should be good for immediate return buuuuuttttt...we've been super busy and super tired and well... :/
beets = huge success (and i might be a little embarrassed to admit that i might could possibly stand to eat the darn mud tasting things cooked like this :") )
tarte a la pomme = huge failure - pastry was HORRID! apples were...extremely sparse.  and the crap i put under them was...crap and disgusting.  DH was a trooper and ate the whole thing between dinner and the next morning's breakfast lol
email card = huge failure.  must have entered bad addy as it was never picked up or maybe it went into his trash or who knows.  anyhow he never got it.

So for this week i am going to do challenge number 5 which is discuss our love languages with one another.  you might remember me posting a while back about the love language book but i never really went through the exercises. you've probably figured out by now that i have a lot more ideas than follow-through :/  i looked through old posts to find it to link to the posts but i cant find them... :(

anyhooo the idea is that we all speak a different love language and if you can communicate to your spouse with his or her language then he / she will feel loved and his love tank will be filled up to the brim and hopefully vice versa.

ok - back later with news of how this goes.

have a great week. :D

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