Monday, February 18, 2013


That's lost signal onomatopoeia, in case you cant tell...

I'm lost lol. Let me explain :

1. lost in my recent blogging exploits. Had too many things going on , too many challenges i wanted to record my evolution of and i just dropped the ball

2. lost to the internet. i gave up internet for lent with a few exceptions (blog, spotify, very limited email, google agenda, ing-direct, and yogaglo)

So for the blog thing. I need to get organised, right?!

I like the ten on tuesday, though sometimes the topic doesnt inspire me.

I was doing the romance challenge but number 5 got me stalled up cause i worked that day and then i felt i had gotten ehind and besides DH was pissing me off so i didnt want to do no stupid romance challenge anyway rant pout rant ;P

I was trying to do the motivational/positive self-talk/recorded image evolution/best styles for my current body thing while following the eat to live plan but i also got annoyed with myself on that because i never did take my measurements and i felt like if it wasnt daily it wasnt any good and if i didnt touch every aspect of it (what i ate, what i exercised, what i wore, what i....) that i had to just deop it.

but isnt that part of my stupid all or nothing mentality that i'm trying to combat in my 2013 theme of simply blessed, healthy mind healthy body healthy soul, and choose to choose right thoughts?

Which is another thing I kind of let fall to the wayside – recording my progress and evolution in my 2013 endeavors.

And of course not to mention blogging about my wips and ufo’s.

Phew! What’s a girl to do with all that?

Any ideas or suggestions for helping me get a handle on all of this? If I count correctly, that’s 5 topics for 7 days. Maybe I could aim to talk about each thing once a week instead of daily, and have a specific day for each part.

Now for the internet thing.

Why did I give up internet for lent? Aren’t you supposed to give up meat or something?

Well, if you’ve been following, you’ll remember that I have given up much much more than just meat already for my eat to live plan.

For me, the idea of lent is to give something up that is keeping you away from your spiritual relationship with God. (or add something on, such as “I will pray and meditate 10 minutes a day or what have you)

And the computer has definitely been taking me away from my spiritual life. As well as infringing upon my family life. How many times have I snapped at one of the kids because I was surfing the net and they were interrupting me? Or been pissy because the house was a mess (disorder in my house makes me feel disorderly in my mind and all out of balance and annoyed) when had I just taken 1 hour out of my internet time I could have cleaned the house and felt better? Or realized that I still hadn’t even taken 5 minutes to pray or read a devotional but had miraculously found 5 minutes to piddle on ravelry or some other site. These are much more important than other minor things like realizing that you could have knit 10 rows on that sweater instead of spending all that time surfing on ravelry for a new sweater pattern (bad for advancement of wips but also bad for creating that horrid overflowing crate of ufo’s!). Or realizing you’d have made ten meals in the time ittook you to whine about not knowing what to cook while surfing the internet for recipes. The list goes on…

Still most importantly is the spiritual desert I have created for myself by putting all my favorite social networks ahead of my relationship with God and the wacked-up priorities in my family life.

So, why are some sites ok? Well my blog isn’t a time-suck : i get on, write a post, answer a comment if there are any, and get off. not like ravelry facebook or pinterst where i can easiy sit for "10 minutes" then look up and notice that i have farted my whole mornign away..and then do the exact same thing the afternoon…and again in the evening

Nor is spotify. It only takes a couple of minutes to search an artist IF i decide not to listen to the ones i already have. if i do look for a different artist, i just click on it to download and leave the computer while it does its thing.

Yogaglo, because I want to keep doing my yoga and again, this is a specific get-on, do what you gotta do, get off thing. No piddling around.

Ing-direct, well I have to be able to check my accounts lol.

Google agenda, equally necessary.

And finally email. Im not reeeeeeeeally checking email. Im just getting on to delete all the junk mail and see if there’s anything urgent. Other than that I leave all the mails I’ll want to check when lent is over. Thing is it wuldbe too intimidating otherwise. I’m just doing about 10 minutes about 2ce a week for cleaning things up over there.

Speaking of time sucks…this post is one ;).

Any of you guys giving something up for lent?

SEE YA!!!!!!!

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