Friday, March 22, 2013

I am super talented

As per my son Rémi ;D
I have been working on my lace shawl since Jan 1.
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 Kind of.  I put it aside way back when  i went to chicago for the MA knitting retreat because it had an error i didnt have the brain power to fix.  Besides, after knocking out i think 4  of the supposed 7 repeats of basket weave lace on the plane, i knew that i needed a little more concentration to continue those repeats than i would have if i wanted to be sociable lol.
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Anyhow, Di got me back on track on our bus-ride from the retreat to chicago. But in the meantime i had replaced my self-indulgent KAL project with the aranami shawl for which i had bought yarn at an awesome yarn shop while at the retreat.  Also i knew i could come closer to finishing that in time for the KAL deadline than my golden lace shawl.  Oh!  Did i mention that i can NEVER find the right size needles for  a project when i want to start it?  I mean NEVER! How is that when i have a ton of needles?  grrrr.  so i'm knitting my lace shawl on US 2 / 2.75 mm needles instead of US 3 / 3.25 mm needles.  Needless to say, i had to do 9 repeats of the lace instead of 7 and of course adapt the other side as well, adding 2 repeats there.  That meant 1. i was sick to death of the repeat patterns and 2. it would take that much longer to finish, hence the worry i could never finish in time.
Anyhow, I botched the KAL totally.  Because i didnt purchase enough yarn for aranami.  :/
So i got back to my lace shawl about 3.5 weeks ago maybe?  And have been knitting on nothing but that since.  Knowing i wouldnt likely finish but not caring anyhow because im just so darn excited to be moving along on this long-anticipated project.  I got very excited when listening to the latest Yarniacs episode during which she extended the deadline. Alas, it wasnt extended enough lol.  Again, doesnt matter!  I'm so thankful to the yarniacs for having started this KAL and so glad to have participated because it  really was the impetus i needed to start (and finish soon !) this project that used to be what i considered impossible for me ;D.
I now have 1 more repeat, a few rows of garter, a ruffle and then picking up st 1 row in along my cast-on border that is too tight so i can rip that cast-on off and do -over. i think i might do a ruffle treatment on that edge too so i dont have to deal with elasticity problems and also because i should have plenty of yarn left over to do it (remember that smaaaallll needle problem ;) )
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So........ WHY does my sonthink i'm super talented?  Because of my mad lace-knitting skille?  because of this 5 foot long beautiful lace project coming off the tips of my needles?
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No, of course not!
Because this morning i got up at 6:30 AM to kiss them good-bye before they caught the 7 AM bus to school and plopped down with some tea and my knitting while they finished getting ready and Rémi happened to catch me ... knitting...while sleeping LOL!!!

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