Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Tired on Tuesday

I am so tired these days and have no idea why.
Is it the weather change?
Is it my stupid foot dragging me down?
Is it all the stuff going on with the kids - getting back into the rythm of school, meetings, helping with homework etc...
I've been going to bed pretty early and sleeping decently (no longer waking up in the middle of the night with impossibility to go back to sleep though i do make 3-4 peepee trips during the night...prostate problems anyone ;P )  But when the alarm goes off i dont feel like dragging myself out of bed.  and all throughout theday my eyes feel heavy droopy and hot.
I'm slowly working my way through the matterhorn set. just the thumb left of glove two and then the cowl. phew!
i then want to pull my khion back out and finish those sleeves. once i do that i'll let myself CO a pair of fingerless gloves and then hopefully be able to work those gloves and the khione body at the same time.  i hope to also be able to finish my coat shell before next week.

if i can get through with the mitts i want to CO and khion by mid novemeber i will be happy and theni will take my CA shawl with me on airplane for my travel knitting.  and then i'll feel pretty good about my knitting wips :D

what's going on with you guys?


Tiddy and Charlie. said...

You sound like Charlie. She always has soo many things on the go or waiting to get started :o) Not long till you fly off now, lucky ducky! Tiddy x

Rebecca said...

i know! i cant wait! how's your puff blankie coming along?

mrsb said...

Hi Rebecca,
Just found your blog via your comment on Gertie's blog.
I think it's life in France and at this time of year that is tiring everyone out!
No one really is "en forme"!!!