Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Ten on Tuesday

So thanks to the woolen rabbit, i found carole knits who does a ten on tuesday meme.  I am, as i mentioned last week, jumpin gin on the bandwagon.
I waited very impatiently all day for those 'muricans to get up and mvinig so i could find outwhat today's topic would be.
and i was disappointed lol
top ten mystery novels.  i cant think of any! lol i knit too much to read ;)
so...i went back through a link on her post and found this old ten on tuesday : 10 things you love about fall.
How appropriate!
fall is flipfloppy this year. we keep getting heat waves but as of a few days ago i'm thinking it's here to stay now :D

1. Soup (see yesterday's post lol)
2. Being able to go for a nice walk without burning up or freezing my butt off.
3. The sky
4. The smell - wood in chimneys, the smell of crisp cold air, yes it has a smell, the smell of clothes when you pull them out of storage
5. The shopping (no, not real clothes shopping but you know how you feel like you just bought a ton of clothes when you get your fall / winter wardrobe out of its storage box lol)
6. My bed!!! I love my fall / winter duvet cover and the heavier duvet i use during those months!  Havent gotten it out yet but might before the end of october.
7. Snuggling up next to dh in bed or next to kids on couch or with doggies and kids on couch = even better ;)
8. The colors of the leaves though here in southern france it's a little less spectacular than back home.
9. The way you can reach out and eat off the trees and bushes while taking a walk (figs, grapes, pine nuts, almonds, grenades, persimmons)
10. Candles and incense - never use these during spring and summer for some reason ???

Do you love fall too?
what do you liek about it?


Tiddy and Charlie. said...

I like fall, cos it sounds like fally down, ouch :o)

I like it too cos of all the pretty leaves falling. If you get close to a tree with big leaves and listen VERY CAREFULLY, you can hear a fanTiddytastic noise as each leaf hits the ground. It's like fairy percussion music! Tiddy x

Rebecca said...

lol about fally down - thoguht thats definitely no fun! ;)
fairy percussion music! great analogy :D