Monday, October 15, 2012

Fall is for soup :D

Have i mentioned yet howmuch i love fall? i do! really!
fave sseason :D
one thing i love about fall is SOUP :D
i ordered a soup cookbook from amazona nd received it in the mail friday.
Ive been reading it (cute personal stories from chef with each recipe), looking at the pretty yummy enticing pics and deciding which i would try.
Ive been spending a good amount of time with my new book.
Prompting my dd to tell me last night that i loved my new book more than i loved them. :/
i was at first a little disappointed with the book because it said they were recipes using basic ingredients so you could spend more time cooking than searching for obscure expensive ingredients. well, as i thumbed through a first time, every recipe i scanned through had at least one ingredient i cannot get in this *&3%!@# country.  Also i thought some things were kind of wierd.  such as her chicken stock recipe. you are to make stock with 6 pounds of chicken pieces and veggies and then "discard the solids". what? really? throw away six pounds of chicken?
that struck me as wasteful and i wondered if it was unhealthy / unsanitary to keep the chicken meat afterward or something???
after cheking with friends on ravelry, they said i should be fine keeping it so i went ahead and made the stock.
here are somepics of it cooking up.

Sans titre

Sans titre
it turned out wonderfully. the smell was incredible. the flavor wondrful. the color beautifully amber.  And the texture once it cooled very surprising. a wierd jelly-like substance tht immediately liquifies when it comes in contact with heat.
I used it (and the supposed to have been discarde chicken thankyou very much) to make some of the most incredible chicken enchiladas yesterday for lunch, along with some brownies for desert and MAN those were the best enchiladas EVER!  I think the incredible broth helped make them spectacular.  the recipe for the enchiladas is super easy btw.

and then for dinner i used 5 cups of the broth (after the morning of work to make broth i'm sad to say there is now only 1.5 cups of jelly left :( ) to make a butternut tortilla soup from the soup cookbook .pretty darn good but pretty darn fattening. and unfortunately my cheddar cheese was a and the taste was almost roquefortish :/ . it would have been better with a milder cheddar.
oh well. still not bad.
so so far im enjoying my cookbook and i'm enjoying my fall soups :D

btw, kendra are you still here?


Tini said...

The jelly is the chicken fat, that solifies when it's cooling. If you want a less "fat" soup, you can scoop it off when the stock ist cool.

Sometimes you can read in old cookbooks, that you should use chicken necks, wings and the lower part of the leg for making stock and I have to admit: these are not the parts I would happily feed my family (as I don't eat it...)

Tiddy and Charlie. said...

Mmmm. Soup! My favourite is pumpkin soup. I always pop a bit of chilli powder in to zing it up a bit. Some people like it completely smooth, but I leave some lumps in, cos they are nice to chew and build up my Tiddy muscles faster :o) Tiddy x