Monday, September 24, 2012

Matterhorn hat

Got started on the matterhorn hat i'm making for my Christmas swap partner.
The yarn is absolutely wonderful :so soft, beautiful color!  love it! this is going to be very very hard to give up ;)
That said, i hit a snag already.  I obviously cant read.
The "tweed rib" is P1, k1 then rows 2 and 4 all knit (or in this case all purl as it's a fol up brim, so you do itinside out on the brim part, thus whenyoufold brim up you see the "back" side which will be the backs of the purls, in other words the knit side.  did that make sense or did i just confuse everyone? anyhow, row 3 is P1, k3.  And i did ... P1, K1 jsut loke on row 1.  i have no idea why on earth my brain read it wrong, but it did.
Saturday, i spent the day with Marie-Pascale and then Susie joined us and then we all went to our tricothé group wher i met up with many other lovely friends :D
I had a great day and was so glad to be able to spendthat time with my friends :D
It was a wonderful day that i really needed.
Marie-Pasclae and i also went fabric shopping beforehand but i didnt find anything for my &*#! coat >:/ !
Anyhow, back to my matterhorn hat.
I did about 3 rows while eating lunch with Marie-Pascale and while she and Susie chatted i glimpsed the instructions while looking to see how lond i needed to make the brim and...GASP!  i had done it wrong!  i had about 15 rows all together.  So i had to rip down to row 2 and get those st back on the needles so i could do my first row 3 correctly :/
i accidentally only ripped back to row 3 so when i later got to my tricothé i had to rip back one more row and get the st back on the needles yet again (a real pita). i was then able to do 2 rows before it was time to leave so i basically got -11 rows done in a whole day...lovely!
that said, i wouldnt have been happy living with that error even though you can barely make out any st definition at all anyhow as the malabrigo is so plush and the color quite tonally variagated.
now i am happy with it and am back up to where i had been.  all steam ahead.  wish me smooth sailing from here on out ;)

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Wishing you smooth sailing :o) Tiddy x