Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Sew-along materials

Sew-along materials by rebeccawip
Sew-along materials, a photo by rebeccawip on Flickr.

I have been searching for  a couple of weeks, surfing the net, going to every fabric store i know of and forcing poor Marie-Pascale into showing me the fabric stores in montpellier.  this was so hard to decide on because i needed so much fabric, it got absolutely crazy expensive really quick.  I wanted a fairly inexpensive option because i'm not exactly a great sewist to say the least lol!  this coat will really be stretching my limits!  
i think, even though i spent more than i had wanted, that i ended up with a decent option.
The dark gray is a wool/polyester blend and the pink is 100% polyester. i had hoped for all natural materials but...uh...too exhorbitant.  Even this put me back 150 euros once i add in buttons and thread and pattern.  And i have yet to get the interfacing.
yikes! i could almost pay for my MA retreat ticket with this stupid coat! i hope it turns out ok!

I almost got this 100% acryl-ick for the coat.
Another shot of thé glittery brown on solid brown plaid acryl-ick but
 I decided against it even though it was half the cost of the wool.  i mean, 10% acryllic shell with 100%polyester linnig...might as well just wrap myself up in saran wrap.  excellent breathability, right?  it did catch my eye though - very pretty!  the plaid lines on it that you can barely see in pic but which were lovely irl were sparkley :D
you know what really made me change my mind though?  they were trying to make this a wool-like acryllic.  well, it felt worse than scratchy wool up against my neck.  i mean, come on they could have chosen a merino to imitate rather than whatever sheep they use for lopi yarn lol!
Shopping for fabric
dont let the smile fool you - it wasnt the lovely texture that had me smiling.  this was a "gosh i'm so embarrassed and i look like such an idiot trying on a roll of fabric and getting a random stranger to take my picture" smile.  bridget jones eat your heart out.


Tiddy and Charlie. said...

The way you had it wrapped around you, I thought you were going to buy that fabric to make a toga. Seemed like a sensible option to me. Not a lot of sewing that way either :o) Tiddy x

Rebecca said...

now there's an idea!

Jen O said...

My name is Jennifer, and I have left quite a few comments on your flickr photos for the Gertie sew-along coat.

I have sewn for a long time, and I am making the coat for another person who has the same fit and figure as you do.

I notice that all of your coat fitting problems are the same ones I have had in fitting the coat on her, so I wanted to let you know of a few methods that I used to fix those problems.

I realize now that I left alot of notes for you and I didn't want you to feel bad that I made so many comments--I just hope you can get the fit you want for this coat.

best, Jennifer

Rebecca said...

wow! thank you jennifer for taking the time to help me out with this! i'm off to check out all the comments.