Thursday, September 20, 2012

Malabrigo madness

I'm not a huge malabrigo fan.  It's super soft.  Reaaaaallllly soft.  That i'll give you.  But the pilling and felting inherent in a non superwash, super soft single ply merino yarn is jsut too frustrating for me. also a friend of mine made a malabrigo lace shawl and the yarn actually felted while she knit up the project just from the heat humidity and friction of her hands/needles. crazy!!!!
That said, the price point and the colors... i mean really, can barely beat it, right!?
So i have a super lovely friend i'm going to do an adrift kal with and i looked around for yarn in my stash but no yarn seemed like it would work and after my false starts on the drifiting cardigan out of lacey lamb i finally decided to just buy the suggested yarn which is the relatively inexpensive malabrigo lace.  i ordered what looked like a beautiful gold color from eat sleep knit;  turns out to be a pretty vivid orange but that 's ok.  it's pretty.  it's jsut that i have a sweater's quantity of a very similar color already.  oh well.
I hope to cast thison during october.

Then i found out my swap partner for the MA Christmas swap and decided i would make her a hat/scarf/fingerless glove set in her favorite color : green.  I looked around on eat sleep knit because even though i love green, i dont seem to have much green yarn, except for bright near neon lemon-limey green, which is one of the few greens my partner doesnt like lol. 
I had a lot of trouble finding green yarn and now understand why i dont have much.  None of the greens were pretty :/
Dont know if the green doesnt come across well on computer screen or if it's a hard color to dye or what...
Anyhow, because price was an issue as well as color choice, i hemmed and hawed quite a  bit.  I finally decided on a "verde" in malabrigo worsted;  I got it earlier this week inthe mail.  It is GORGEOUS! Better than on screen for once! phew!

So i spent yesterday afternoon caking up all those malabrigo skeins.

Doesnt it look pretty and autumnul :D
Sans titre


Anonymous said...

You should use the super wash plied version...rios, I believe. It's very nice. Only comes in worsted, though. They have a new silk/wool blend dk that I think may be plied as well. Love u!

Tiddy and Charlie. said...

Beautiful. Reminds me of peas and carrots. Mmmm. Tiddy x

Rebecca said...

oh gee...great lol