Monday, September 17, 2012

knitknitknitting away in spain

Back from our weekend in spain.
I am BUSHED!  i could sleep for a whole day! but alas, dont have that luxury ;P
Kids had a great time.
We all ate like pigs.
Now back to real life lol.

I took my two current wips with  me.
my khione sweater sleeves, with the intent on finishing them.  hit a snuffoo.  i forgot that when i get to the sleeve caps, i have to knit them flat, which means i can no longer do them both at the same time.  i didnt take a spare cable with me to hold the non in progress sleeve. so, after doing all the in the round part of the sleeve, i set them aside for my second wi. that's ok though, at least they're finished up the sleeve cap shaping.

my 2nd wip is the color affection shawl.
there are 4 sections on this : a solid section, a 2colored stripe section, a 3 colored stripe short row section (which eventually encom^passes the whole bottom of the shawl - needless to say these "short" rows aren't...) and then finally a solid bottom.
i'm on the 2d section...and dont think i'll ever finish
i had hoped to finish these stripes while in spain...ha!

i didnt get much knitting done while at the amusement park obviously.  i was able to knit in the car (though i drove a little way down dh got me a new (to us) car :D the old one was starting to get more expensive in upkeep than it was worth) and a little tiny bit in the evenings after dinner.  but that's ok, i'll get there eventually, right? 

what i like about my current wips is that they're either stockinette in the round (sweater sleeves) or garter flat (shawl) so i'm doing nothing but knitknitknitknitknit - no thinking involved (other than remembering to increase at each end of the shawl but the rows are so darn long i dont have to perk up too awfully often ;) ). and considering the state of my brain capacities these days, that's about perfect for me lol.

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Tiddy and Charlie. said...

You got a new car. Nice :o) Is it a pretty colour? Tiddy x