Tuesday, July 31, 2012

What's that smell?

Christophe has lots of fish in our fish pond.  he dug this fish pond in one day and the next had the liner and rocks and moss and water and a few fish he bought at the garden store in it.  he's so efficient!  he has been feeding these fish for years and claims they know him.  they'll come nibble at his fingers.  he was so surprised and elated when these gold fish that usually die within a few weeks actually reproduced.  and they reproduced more over the years.  and have gotten huge.
he is strangely attached to these fish which to me seem kind of like another plant or something. he's protected them from herons (by installing a fishing line neatly and discreetly around the pond, fought an ongoing battle with algae (bought them an algea eating friend, bought a UV filter and lily pads to help out with that too, and of course the fountain pump to continually circulate the water), and saved them from neighborhood cats (dont ask how).
The ongoing murky water battle however...our friend alaric who is somewhat of a reptile and insect specialist suggested christophe put pool water in teh pond to clear it up...  Christophe thought that was very wierd.  Chlorine and fish don't sound like a good mix.  So he asked him several times "pool water...you're sure?"  and yes he was sure.  let me specify that alaric is english and though his french is excellent i do believe something was lost in translation.
You see where this is going, right?
A few mornings ago, i heard christophe messing in the garden at about 7:30 am with a hoe and big strong thuds... what is he doing???? i thought to myselfso i pop my head out the window and look down on him and he looks up all sad and says  "stupid alaric made me kill my fish"
yep, they're all dead except the three original fish who miraculously survived.
he was a little distraught.
and the dogs, i mean, come on, no respect for the grieving. they've been digging up fish corpses evr since and even elected to roll around in the earth covering the tomb.  they stunk to high heaven! i mean horrible!  i had to bathe them today.
RIP fishies.

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Tiddy and Charlie. said...

Oh no! Poor Christophe...and poor fish! At least he knows what NOT to do, next time there is a problem! c x