Saturday, July 28, 2012

GO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

that's me burnin' rubber baby!
i have CO
i am almost to the point in my topdown scoop necked cardigan where i can start the neckline shaping. almost...
had been hoping to get to that point last night and do the neck shaping today but i didnt so today...neck shaping - gogogogogogo!!!!!
i'll be meeting Gayle for the first time in real life. i met her online on ravelry a while back but we never managed to hook up. now she's back living in california but she came here for vacation and we're finally managing :D
we'll be doing a tricothé in montpellier with some girlfriends
so i hope i can burn some more rubber this afternoon.
then tomorrow, i have it all planned out.
i'm going to do some ashtanga yoga and headstands while watching teh women's gymnastics so i can pretend im one of them ;D and knit on my sweater in between vinyasas ;D
hope any of you fellow ravthletes are off to a great start with me :D


Tiddy and Charlie. said...

Go Becca, go!!!!! Hope you get finished in super quick time :o) I hope you and Gayle have a great time together. c x

Tini said...

goooo (but not faster than our team, that is ;) ) I did cast on yesterday and managed the first 7 rows on my shawlette before I was waaaay to tired. Today I was out of the house the whole day, not the best start to the games?

Rebecca said...

lol tini

caroline we had a great time!

and i finished that sweater so quick it would make your head spin ;)