Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Crossing the finish line

Just crossed the frogging trampoline finish line :D
Went from here
Sans titre
To here
Sans titre

i hadnt touched these in over 2 years!
i had messed with this adult sized pattern to make them child sized and wasnt very confident in my messing which is probably what held me back.
i am not very good at colorwork but i had done a great job on those and am quite proud of myself :D
i have recuperated the yarn, the needles, a knitting bag, and a st marker and i’ve already put them all right back where they should belong.
and i feel great to get this off my mental to do list, out of my “hibernatings” and unjunk a little space of closet :D

GO ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Tiddy and Charlie. said...

Well done! Isn't it a grat feeling to do something that's been hanging over you for ages? c x

Rebecca said...


Lynn said...

Love your work! I accidentally deleted your last comment on my blog. Can you repost it?