Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Mid-summer day-dreaming

I'm not supposed to be on the computer. well, no, that's not true. i'm supposed to be on the computer but i'm supposed to be working, not playing but i HATE my job :/
I've told my boss i hate it
I've told him i'm not motivated anymore
I've told him to find someone else with fresh new ideas and impetus to complete this d+++ project
But no...here i am, day in day out in front of a stupid computer screen going nuts, being lonely, feeling useless, feeling guilty for not doing a good job... :/
So, right now i'm day-dreaming instead of doing my job correctly :"/
What am i day-dreaming about? duh! knitting of course ;D
And more specifically ravellenic knitting :D
I have 4 projects for this years ravellenic games challenge.  I will be competing for my ever-favorite monthly adventures team :)

1. Alex' christmas ski socks
2. Monster mash socks
3. rainbow vanilla socks
4. ravellenic stripes

The first two will take no time at all as all i'm doing is...frogging them in the frogging trampoline event.  Alex's socks were not coming along well at all. i wasnt even confident they would fit her when i started them and now i know they wont (she's growing like a weed!) and the monster mash socks are another frogging project. So i should get both of those done and restashed in no time.
It's too bad that Caroline helped dme gather up the courage to rip out a nearly finished top that wasnt working back when she visited or i would have had a third frogging project ;)
The 3rd preject is also going to feel good to get out of my ufo/wip jumble.  This will be for the wips wrestling.  It's a pair of socks that's really really really clsoe to being done and that i just cant get the motivation to finish. i mean, i only have a little more than one toe plus the grafting of the other toe left to do and ive been staring at them / pulling them out of the closet / putting them back in the closet etc... for months and months and months without even knitting one stitch on them lol.  While i almost feel that these three projects are kinid of like cheating because they're so piddl, on the other hand, that's going to be 3 pairs of needles, 3 knitting bags, and a nice size corner of space (both physical space and brain space) liberated :D wootwootwoot :D
My fourth project is the real challenge and will be doing double duty in both the sweater triathlon and colorwork cross-country events.  Ive been wanting to knit this sweater for  a while and have had yarn for it for quite a few months.  i had had my eye on lorna's laces buckingham fountain colorway ever since it came out last fall and bought three skeins i thought might coordinate with it at the same time with the intention of using two of the colors for the sweater. i also had another skein that i thought looked nice with the colors i chose of lorna's laces. after much hemming and hawing, asking advice of marie-pascale who saw the collors in person and of dianne and mycah while on skype, ive decided to trust in the wisdom of the unique, creative, and absolutely sparkly bubbly fun mycah!  im going with buckingham fountain and beach ridge (which had also been marie pascale's choice though she hadnt seen the 5th choice i found afterwards and also was my personal favorite ;) ).  I have to swatch before the games but would you believe I DONT HAVE THE NEEDLES???!!!! I dont believe it but it'xs true! crazy but true! seems to me in fact lately that no matter what project i want to start i dont have th eneedles :/ .  wtf?
anyhow, i ordered some chiagoo from a seller here i france so should get them fairly quickly.  have been wanting to try those anyhow as i feel ive outgrown my knitpicks and would like to find some new faves.  i almost ordered some signatures :") but i'm broke and that just wasnt a good idea for right now lol. 
good thing anyhow that i found out my needle prob before the olympics started!  otherwise id have been left on the sidelines pouting  cheering on the other "athletes" ;)
Knitting an adult sweater in fingering weight yarn over jsut a few weeks is realllllly stretching my typical knitting capactities lol!!!! wish me luck!!!!!

Btw, no news from the job application :(
guess it wasnt to be :P

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