Friday, June 29, 2012


Ohmygosh! i did it!!!! i actually applied for  a job :D
i sent in my resumé et cover letter.
now to wait (biting fingernails...)
I applied for  ajob i'm not qualified for as far as diplomas go but that i know i culd do a great job at and that i know i would love.
it's for asst director of a daycare.
here in france, thedaycare director has to be either a pediatric nurse (1 more year of schooling than a generalized nurse) or a "young children educator".  The assistant director is to be ideally the other of the two, or another YCE or Ped nurse.  Since i am only a generalised nurse, i'm technically underqualified but they sometimes make exceptions if they find no other candidates.
is it rude of me to not tell the pediatric nurse working in the ICU because she hasnt been able to fid a ped nurse job about this opportunity?
anyhow, i have my fingers croseed and any prayers that this door be open if that's the job i'm supposed to have would be greatly appreciated :D
i'm so nervous i'm crawling out of my skin!


Tini said...

Keeping my fingers crossed for you. If I had read the things I was supposed to know BEFORE I applied to my current job I would never have applied. And as it turned out, I'm well qualified enough.... sometimes job describtions are just stupid!

Liana said...

I'm sending prayers your way and if it's meant to be, it will be!!
Wishing you the best, always! said...

Any word ?

Rebecca said...

thank you tini liana and di. no call... just got out 5 more applications though. wish me luck/ cross your fingers for me/ pray for me :D