Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Spoiled rotten

Yep, that's me. I have been spoiled rotten!
I received so so so many birthday greetings from such sweet loving people :D
it really made me feel so special :D
thank you :D
and my kids and husband all three wrote me a poem each. Alex transformed hers into a song with some special phone app.  RĂ©mi read his out. And dh danced around and rapped his (very silly one) out over alex' song. quite toucing - i was in tears but laughing at the same time.
Then they got me a smart phone complete with a rav app already uploaded onto it! how toughtful!!! and protected by an american flag hard cover ;D
And last but not least, dh purchased my plane ticket home for me :D
I will get into USA nov 21 (sorry mom, miss your bday :( ) andi will go back on dec 2.
I am so excited. And i have wanted to karioke for a long time. to get up the nerves to do that even though i sing horribly lol.  well, kendra and i will be doing that while i'm home if anyone is up for it ;D

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