Friday, July 27, 2012


Hour - 11 !!!!!
Cant wait to start my ravellenic stripes cardi for the ravellenic games!
i think it is going to be so pretty
though i read through pattern last night and kind of plotted out dates on different segments according to a slightly optimistic estimation and planification of my knitting speed's going to be cutting it VERY close! yikes! lol
and also the pattern is ... well, doesnt seem written as well as some ive used. seems more like a recipe almost.  This is ok for me as i have enough experience and confidence knitting sweaters by now but if this were the first sweater someone were knitting, i think they might run into some problems and have a lot of questions. 

As for my mystery shawl kal...ugh!  not the best colors. at all!  i hope my friend i'm knitting it for (who shall remain nameless as she sometimes reads this blog though not often and even then i'm not sure if she understands it all) will like it more than i do.

Still no news from daycare center.
Looked on national employment agency's site for jobs yesterday and nothing at all interesting :/
the add for the daycare job i applied for is gone however the add for the director is still up (i applied for asst director).
oh well :/

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