Friday, July 27, 2012

On your marks

Print pattern.  Check!
Decide on yarn. Check!
Cake yarn. Check!
Gather supplies (needles, stitch markers, knitting bag). Check! (that was a close one - see post from a couple of days back lol - got my needles yesterday jsut in the nick of time. that said my needles are stupid short! i hate not beingable to pick things out in person... so it will be fine for the startof the yoke but i am ordering a longerlength from the same place. i think i'm going to like the chiagoos - they are sooooo light! and pointy but not too pointy.)
swatch. check...i think my yoke is going to be one nice big swatch ;).
i'm asking you guys to hold me accountable.  if my gauge is off, i have to rip!

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