Friday, May 18, 2012

Pretty aprons

 We're doing an apron swap in the monthly adventures group on ravelry.  I hesitated to sign up because
1. i'm nervous about sewing things for other people. (i'm nervous about sewing things for myself even lol)
2. i dont wear aprons because i forget, the ones i have hurt my neck as they pull down on it, and they dont cover my bust fully so even when i do wear one, my shirts get oil splotches anyways.
3. aprons? really? aren't they for old ladies and doormat wives?

HA! Take alook at this site - makes you really want to wear an apron - one for each day, always matching, with nails painted up in same color and high helled shoes.  By the way, do scroll down before you think I'm crazy. The first apron shown is a boring blue half apron workman style thing that definitely doesnt make me want to be all Betty Homemaker.

So i had a lot of trouble picking one with all the cute options out there.  I found one i was going to buy in a fabric store and the stupid thing was 22 euros just for the pattern 8^O!
So i hemmed and hawed and stressed and worried abd couldnt make up my mind.
Finally settled on this  apron.
Then comes the stress of picking out a fabric for someone you dont know super well.  My swapner likes blues purples and greens.  I looked at all the fabrics and was drawn to the greens, with one in particular that i really loved.  But that one, though in the greens is more turquoisish than green.  and the colors i found to go with it bring it more into a neutral beigey palette. So starting out with her preferneces in mind, i ended up with something totally different. And now, I'm worried that she won't like it  :-(   .
That said, I thinkit's quite pretty and turquoise is after all a mix of green and blue, right? hehehe

I spent all afternoon cutting out the pattern, making the pockets, and attaching the pockets to the apron.  Now I have to attach the lower fronce and then bind all the edges in bias tape.

But for now, I'm off for a walk.
Come back later for pics.

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